Helena, Montana’s Capital #socs #JusJoJan

Helena Montana 2006

I’ve never been there, Helena, that is. For that matter, I’ve never been to any of Montana, or North Dakota, or Idaho, or Wyoming. At last count, I’ve been in 31 of the 50 United States as well as Puerto Rico, but I don’t feel like I’ve actually seen much. Most of my travel has been for business, and typically that means you see the airport, the hotel, the client site, and maybe a couple of restaurants at your destination. There isn’t much time for sightseeing. There isn’t much to see in most of the places I’ve been, anyway.

In some cases, the extent to which I was there is limited to the airport. My only trip to Utah was an hour spent in the Salt Lake City airport, on my way home from Australia. It was late spring in Sydney, meaning the temperatures were in the upper 80’s (30-plus Celsius), and it was late autumn in SLC, meaning it was snowy and colder than a penguin’s backside.

I regret that I didn’t take more advantage of the travel that I did, but when you come right down to it, if I hadn’t traveled on business, it’s doubtful I’d have seen any of those places.

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  1. I was involved in some business travel, which took me to London twice. I loved it! I’ve been to several states but like you, it’s the airport, meeting site, hotel and back home. At least when I was in London, I had a week-long stay both times.


    1. Business took me lots of places: Colombia, The Netherlands, the UK, Australia, and Singapore. I worked briefly for a company that wanted to send me to The Phillippines for six weeks, but that fell through when the questions I was asking told them they weren’t ready…

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  2. As a fellow business traveler, I’ve been to 32 states…soon to be 33 (Arkansas.) Well on my way to being a million miler on United, I’ve flown a lot. Despite that, I always think of Mom. She always had such big plans after retiring to travel. Ireland, etc. And she never had that chance. Gotta be honest…..despite that frequent Thursday afternoon flight delay out of Anywhere, USA, I do sometimes have a drink for Mom. I always wish she would have just traveled! She was waiting for the perfect time and she never had the chance. Life is too short…and you and I know that better that many, right?


    1. True. I think the problem was she was scared to fly. When the dam broke for me after she died was when I was talking to Peggy Cusick and she told me about how she and Mom were going to Ireland, Peggy was ready to call off the trip, and one of her kids said “go for Bunny.”


  3. When I was much younger, I always wanted to live in Montana or Wyoming. Now, I’m less interested in cold places. I think I’ll aim for a visit to Utah and go see the arches on my way to Yosemite.


  4. When I was on the road, we played our show in a number of Montana towns spending a couple weeks there. One of the towns was Helena. I always enjoyed our times in Montana.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out


    1. So I’ve heard. A friend went to the University of Utah and I guess the experience was less than pleasant for him, and that’s colored my view of it somewhat, but I’m sure I’d like it there.


  5. John, where do you live? Reading this I realized that I don’t know where a few of us live!
    Traveling as an architect for IBM I often got to see a bit more of the places. I often was able to time my trips for a Friday and stay over. Some places i wished I hadn’t!


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