It’s Not Just A Good Idea… #JusJoJan

No gravity. Image by skeeze from Pixabay

Recently in a Share Your World post, I was asked "What is gravity and how does it work?" To which I replied that a friend told me that there is no gravity, that the world sucks.

Another friend had a sign similar to this one hanging in his cubicle:

I guess I could acknowledge that there are other definitions for gravity, both of which refer to seriousness, either of a situation or of a person. The latter is usually referred to as gravitas, which is the Latin word for "weight." Which probably means that the heavier the person, the more gravitas they have, in which case I have a lot.

This was written for Just Jot It January, Linda Hill’s blogging extravaganza for the month of January. She has all the rules over at her place, so go on over there and read them, if you’re at all interested in joining in this annual blogfest. Now a word about the Flair felt-tip pen by Paper-Mate, in 12 free spirit colors. Set your spirit free with a Flair!

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