Two for Tuesday: Jack Elliott

Jack Elliott graduated from the Hartt School of Music of the University of Hartford. He worked as a jazz pianist in New York and Paris before Judy Garland brought him to California to do arrangements for her TV show. He moved from that to being the music director for The Andy Williams Show. He co-founded and ran the American Jazz Philharmonic and created the Henry Mancini Institute, and has been music director for the Academy Awards, Emmy Awards, Kennedy Center Honors, and spent 30 years as music director of the Grammy Awards. He also has scored films (Oh God!, The Jerk, Where’s Poppa?) and television shows, including writing the theme songs for these series:

Barney Miller (with Allyn Ferguson)

Charlie’s Angels (with Allyn Ferguson)

Night Court

Jack Elliott, your Two for Tuesday, January 14, 2020.

15 thoughts on “Two for Tuesday: Jack Elliott

  1. Barney Miller… that was one of the first things I ever learned on bass…it’s great…

    One of the best written show of the seventies.


      1. Dumbing down for audiences… that is why Barney Miller never was a massive hit… on the other hand Threes Company was massive… I sound like a snob…but that is the way it looked…
        And yea I watched Threes Company… but it was an empty escape


          1. And it wasn’t bad… but it was light compared to the well written shows like Barney Miller, All In The Family, and Taxi. To me anyway.


    1. They were great shows, weren’t they? Well written with an excellent cast. MeTV replaced “Charlie’s Angels” with “Adam-12” (another great show) at the first of the year, so I have to find where Charlie, Bosley, Kris, Kelly and Sabrina moved…


  2. Hi John – Charlie’s Angels is the one I recognise and can relate to … fun to hear the theme again … while Jack Elliott was obviously very talented … cheers Hilary


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