Writer's Workshop: The End Of The Line


I apologize that this isn’t a very good picture of our last cat, Molly. Over the years we’ve had many cats (and let’s leave it at that), but gradually the clowder has shrunk and we decided a while back that there would be no more. And Molly’s the end of the line.

A friend of Mary’s found her and wanted to find a good home for her, but couldn’t keep her at her house because her cat was not pleased she was around. The friend called and asked us if we could keep her until she found a good home for her, and we said "sure! Why not?" Within two days we called our friend and told her she needn’t search any longer, we wanted to keep her. Molly had managed to win us over in a hurry.

Naturally, she started with me, because she could tell that getting in good with me would be her ticket in. While I was sitting on the couch, Molly came and sat on the armrest beside me and started licking my face. I was torn between thinking that she was licking my face off and thinking it was about the most precious thing a cat had ever done. Mary saw this and asked "Do you think we should keep her?" Well, you know the answer I had.

Molly’s about fifteen and still in very good physical shape, spends as much time on Mary’s lap as she can, and no longer feels the need to compete for our attention. She’s pretty easygoing now. We love that she’s happy here.

One day, hopefully not in the immediate future, Molly will find her way to the Rainbow Bridge, and the nest will be empty. We’ve agreed that we’ll wait at least a year before we consider another pet. We’ve done our part. Time to pass the torch.

31 thoughts on “Writer's Workshop: The End Of The Line

  1. She knew exactly how to win you over! What a sweetheart. 🙂 I vote that you and Mary keep adopting cats for the rest of your lives. They are therapeutic and you need them. If you’re worried about your cats outliving you then leave them all to me in your Will. I will adopt them!


    1. If we weren’t retired and if I could help Mary with the cats again, I’m sure we would consider it, but we’ve agreed, no more for at least a year after Molly goes. If we do, it wouldn’t be a kitten. Our local Humane Society is overrun with adult cats, some of whom were born at the Humane Society. They have a little issue with letting them go…


  2. When I saw the header, I thought that this submission was going to be a reference to The Traveling Wilburys! That being said, be proud of the amazing lives you gave all those felines! You done good as our family would say.


      1. Yes. We had to put him down in June 2018 at the ripe old age of 17 (we think). He was pretty energetic up until the last couple of months though!


  3. Molly looks like a real sweetie! Our, Amanda, now 18 is becoming very frail. It breaks our hearts to see her going downhill so fast. I hate to think her time for the Rainbow Bridge is coming soon but I feel it won’t be long.


    1. She is, though when she had more housemates she was a tough little cuss.

      Our older cats generally go through a period where they get real thin and have to eat about a hundred times a day. Some of them go on that way for more than a year. You’ll know when it’s time. If she starts hiding, that’s generally an indication. Sorry to hear she isn’t doing well. Believe me, I know how it is.

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  4. Molly is so beautiful! I love cats, but am allergic to some. Not all, just some. And I never know beforehand which ones will get me sneezing and zombie-eyed. I’ve been around enough Siamese types to know that they are a definite no, though. Love those beautiful cats, but am highly, highly allergic to them. (So I guess I do know beforehand at least one breed that will trigger the allergies.)



    1. We’ve had a couple of Devon Rexes, which are supposed to be the closest thing to hypoallergenic as you can find. Cats generally have three types of fur, guard, awn and down. The Devons have little or no guard hair, which is what typically causes the allergy.

      We’ve had one full Siamese and several part-Siamese cats over the years. They’re fun cats. Noisy and mischievous, but they were great pets.


  5. Awww, I hope you get a couple more years. Ours of 191/2 just passed and I’m still grieving. Nearly 20 years was a big chunk of my heart.


    1. We’ve had several live to 20. There was one cat in particular, Larry, who had spent nearly his entire life with us and was the last of the original bunch we brought from Chicago. I swear, I cried more for his death than I did for my mother. They really become a part of you.

      Funny story: I told my godmother (Mom’s sister) that I cried more for Larry than Mom, and she got livid that I would even dare to say that. A few months later, I get a call from her, apologizing because her dog had just died and she cried more for him than anyone else. I swear, they take part of you with them…


  6. I live cats too we have had many in our time we have even had cats and dogs together. She looks a real beauty. One thing though what does “the clowder” mean? 💜💜💜


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