Song of the Day: Buddy Guy, “Cheaper to Keep Her”

God bless him, Buddy Guy might be the last of the great bluesmen from the early days of Chicago blues that’s still with us, and he shows no signs of slowing down, even at 83 (84 in July). He played in the house band at Chess Records, where he played with Muddy Waters and developed a friendship and musical relationship with Junior Wells, Muddy’s harmonica player, that lasted until Junior’s death in 1998. (I’ve already told the story about meeting Buddy in the restroom at a nightclub, so if you want to read that, click the link.) Buddy runs Legends, a nightclub at 700 S. Wabash, which he opened in 1989; he says Muddy Waters made him promise to keep the blues alive before his death, and the club is a way to do that. "Cheaper To Keep Her" is from his 2005 album Bring ‘Em In.

7 thoughts on “Song of the Day: Buddy Guy, “Cheaper to Keep Her”

  1. Great player and showman. There is a concert film called Festival Express he is on… he is so aggressive on electric guitar…he had a guitar cord…many many feet long so he could go into the crowd.
    Loved your story on meeting him.


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