The Mid-January Week That Was

Here’s Don Adams for Pendulum Pool by Aurora.

Things are getting back to normal now that the Christmas holidays are behind us and we’ve more or less put our schedules back on autopilot. I’m waking up in the morning and actually remembering what day it is. I had my teeth cleaned and met my new dentist, who seems to be a very friendly chap, as Grandma Holton would say. He remarked at the amount of dental work I’ve had. I don’t think he’d ever seen that much, at least the way he was talking. My next big medical thing will be my colonoscopy, scheduled for March 18. I should have gotten my first at 50, and I’ll be a week shy of my 64th birthday before I have my first.

Not sure how many of you watched the Jeopardy! Greatest of All Time tournament. By the end of the third match, I was hoping that Ken Jennings would win, not because I especially like him but because the whole affair was really boring. Jennings, Brad Rutter, and James Holzhauer were just a little too businesslike in their approach and it was just a little too much them (well, Ken and James, anyway; Brad never quite got in the groove) rattling off answers, always the correct ones. It’s a shame, because there have been some real characters that have been champions that would have made it more fun to watch. Maybe this will be the last we’ll see of these guys. Alex Trebek still looks to be in good shape for someone who has stage 4 pancreatic cancer, but how much long he’ll continue is anyone’s guess.

Anyway, enough chit-chat. Here’s the summary. Several of you said you like the new format, so I’m keeping it.

Had another fun-filled and exciting week this week. Here are the prompts:

So far, it’s been a tight battle between The Velvet Underground with Nico and Spanky & Our Gang over whose "Sunday Morning" is better. Thanks to all who have voted so far, and for the rest of you, you have until Wednesday, when I tally the votes and announce the winner. It’s very close, so every vote counts. Remember, anyone can vote, no purchase necessary, void where prohibited.

It was a freebie week, and since this is generally the week the winter blahs set in, I did an acrostic playlist on "winter blahs."

This week, we talked about things our minds tell us to do that we have to fight against, the questions we get when asked where we live or what we dop for a living, terrifying things we have learned to live with, and whether laws enacted to protect us actually do any good. Oh, and I played Neil Diamond’s "Thank The Lord For The Nighttime."

Jack Elliott, who wrote the themes for Barney Miller, Charlie’s Angels, and Night Court, was the featured artist.

I talked about Molly, the last cat we plan on keeping. I hope she lives forever.

We visited WHOT in Youngstown, Ohio, and checked out their Top 10 for the week of January 17, 1967.

I think I’ll do bossa nova this week for the Songs of the Day. Tomorrow, M⁴’s topic is "songs about relationships, spiritual or otherwise, we aren’t sure about." That should keep me busy. We’ll feature another television composer on Tuesday, another Top 10 from a radio station survey on Friday, another whole week of Just Jot It January, and responses to whatever Kat and Melanie come up with in the way of prompts.

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And that’s a wrap on this edition of The Week That Was. See you in the funny papers!

5 thoughts on “The Mid-January Week That Was

  1. Wow, what a busy week, John! I’m glad you found a dentist that you like. I imagine he’d be shocked if he saw the dental work in my mouth. 😁


    1. Oral hygiene was pretty much a toothbrush and a tube of Ipana when we were growing up. Even if you were meticulous about brushing you’d end up with cavities. Look at all the stuff they have now…

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    1. Those two and Colby Burnett would be great. He’s the high school history teacher. Or maybe Julia Collins.

      Do you remember a couple of years ago, when the champion was a gentleman named Vijay Balse? He was a petroleum engineer from Dallas. I remember his two opponents were a welder and kind of a surfer guy, and that they met in the quarterfinal and all three got in to the semifinal, won their matches there, and met again in the final. That was a great match, I remember…


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