Word Salad #JusJoJan

The talented and lovely Jim from A Unique Title For Me, in addition to having provided the prompt for Song Lyric Sunday (see below), provided the prompt for today’s Jot, and it is "gobbledygook," also spelled "gobbledegook," at least according to The Free Dictionary, which would never, ever lie, now would it?

I looked the word up because I wasn’t exactly sure what it meant. Which is about how you feel when you read something that makes no sense whatsoever, which is what gobbledygook is all about. Now, I’m not sure if this qualifies as gobbledygook:

Nunc a mollis neque. In sollicitudin gravida augue, pulvinar pharetra leo semper a. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nullam vel rhoncus neque. Vivamus feugiat ex tortor, feugiat suscipit nunc malesuada vel. Suspendisse id euismod ante, et aliquet augue. Nam feugiat lacus sed felis convallis facilisis. Fusce varius placerat nunc, vel ultrices felis commodo id. Praesent sed eros tortor.

Reading the definition leads me to believe that no, it isn’t. You probably recognize this as the "lorem ipsum" text that printers use to demonstrate what text will look like when displayed on a screen or on paper. It’s Latin, or at least Latinesque. I tried running it through Google Translate, and here’s what I got:

Or a soft now. Care for pregnant propaganda, volleyball quiver is always a lion. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Textile relay or not. Eu live from the macro, eu Vikings or receive now. Performance recommended that before and bananas propaganda. Feugiat gas valley lakes and antioxidants. Clinical various real estate now, basketball or football, that convenience. But the present peanut temperature.

In other words, "lorem ipsum" is nonsense translated into Latin. That’s not gobbledygook.

No, gobbledygook is the sort of word salad that comes with something we like to call "terms and conditions." You know, the kind of thing you have to sign or acknowledge before you can use a website, such as Facebook. In their case, it’s a couple of thousand words that boil down to "We gotcha, you poor bastard. Prepare to be watched constantly so we can sell your name and all the information we can collect about you (which is pretty much everything) to every halfwit with something to sell and push ads at you that make you wonder ‘how in the hell am I getting ads for THAT?’ We’re going to dump more cookies on your browser than Keebler and Nabisco make in a year. Sure, you can tell us not to, but that just means we won’t tell you we’re doing it. In other words, you’re screwed. Welcome to The Matrix, dumbass."

Now here’s Leslie Nielsen, before he was funny, to let you know that Ford has joined forces with Ghia in Turin, Italy.

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    1. He was a great dramatic actor who played a lot of heavies, but I keep expecting him to slip into Frank Drebbin. I saw him on a vintage TV channel in a show where he and George Kennedy were heavies, and all I could think was how they’d be in the “Police Squad!” movies later… Do you remember the TV show?

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  1. LOL “more cookies on your browser than Keebler and Nabisco make in a year.” Isn’t that the truth. Can I use that? Gobbledegook totally covers the fine print.


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