Monday’s Music Moves Me: Tentative Relationships

Michelle, our guest conductor for this month, gave us this assignment:

Tentative as in relationship as in one that you’re unsure of; can be personal or spiritual.

Okay! Here are ten songs I’ve come up with, and I’ll try to explain what I was thinking when I chose each.

  1. James Cotton, "Love Me Or Leave Me" One of those "whatcha wanna do, woman? Make up your damn mind! You’re making me crazy!" songs.
  2. Young Rascals, "How Can I Be Sure" Eddie Brigati might look like his teeth are going in all different directions, but he has a great voice and this is one of my favorite songs, and the title pretty much says it all: "I know I love you, what about you?"
  3. Gary Puckett & The Union Gap, "Woman, Woman" Here’s a guy who thinks his woman is stepping out on him. He’s on the verge of breaking down, wracking his brain, wondering why he isn’t enough…
  4. Kenny Rogers & The First Edition, "Ruby, Don’t Take Your Love To Town" Kind of the same as the last one, except the guy was badly injured in Vietnam, hasn’t much time left, and wants to know where his wife is going. Vic Dana and Mel Tillis wrote two potential answers to this, one by Geraldine "Dodie" Stevens, the other by Dori Helms. You be the judge.
  5. Robert Cray, "Right Next Door (Because Of Me)" Here we have a guy who has broken up a marriage and he’s not sure what to do.
  6. The Beatles, "I Don’t Want To Spoil The Party" You go to a party, expecting the love of your life to show up, and she doesn’t. Is she stepping out on you, is she on her way, is she washing her hair… why isn’t she there?
  7. Carl Perkins, "Honey Don’t" Another example of a girl driving the man who loves her crazy…
  8. Junior Wells, "Stop Breakin’ Down" Do you really love me, or do you just like the way my music sounds?
  9. Little Walter, "Confessin’ The Blues" I’m pouring my heart to you, baby… do you understand?
  10. Yvonne Elliman, "I Don’t Know How To Love Him" Oh boy… everyone knows the story of the Son of God and the slut. It’s the first time Mary Magdalene has met a man who treats her right, one who’s willing to die for her, and she doesn’t know what to do. Hers is a world of one-night stands, his is all about eternity. What does she do?

And that’s Monday’s Music Moves Me for January 20, 2020.

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19 thoughts on “Monday’s Music Moves Me: Tentative Relationships

  1. A great set as usual. I couldn’t get into the blues songs all that much, but the hits of my growing up – Woman, Woman, Ruby, Don’t Take Your Love to Town, How Can I Be Sure, and anything by the Beatles – no uncertainty here, I enjoyed all of those. (Also, I had no idea the Young Rascals came out of Joey Dee and the Starlighters – always a fun fact hidden away somewhere!)


  2. The Young Rascals I remember from my high school days is so pretty. Gary Puckett & The Union Gap, “Woman, Woman” such a pretty song & oh my gosh, I’ve been meaning to google Kenny Rodgers just to see what he looked like when he started up with the First Edition. Dam he started out handsome then for pity sakes. ~hahaha~ Great tune! Honey Don’t was my brother’s era. He use to play it on the guitar and the drums he’s play along with the record. He really liked that song. My brother passed when he was 44… all that talent gone to waste, but I know he’s in a band at rock & roll heaven. hahaha Did I ever tell you that our tax man use to do Buddy Guy’s taxes? hahaha Your last song so pretty! Great job my friend and have a great rest of your week! Thanks for playin’ along with us. hugs


    1. C’mon, the older Kenny’s not THAT bad looking. I think he’s aged well.

      The Beatles covered “Honey Don’t,” with Ringo singing and George showing off his Carl Perkins riffs, but I had just used a Beatles song.

      I do believe that about your accountant. Buddy’s the last of that older generation of blues players, and he’s still playing well into his 80’s. He’s taken good care of himself…


  3. John,

    Your playlist had a lot of new-to-me tunes, which is an interesting and fun treat. 🙂 The only songs I knew was ‘Woman’ by Gary Puckett and Kenny Rogers’ famous tune “Ruby, Don’t Your Love to Town”. Thanks for joining the 4M gang on the dance floor with your pawsome selections. Have a boogietastic week, my friend!


  4. This is an interesting theme and I like your choices. When I was in, let’s say, a sticky wicket, I felt drawn to the Shania Twain song, “I’m gonna Get you real good.”


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