It’s Not THAT Bad… #JusJoJan

Not THAT scraggly…

Look at the definition of scraggly in the dictionary, and half the time it talks about a scraggly beard. I don’t think mine is that scraggly, do you?

OK, so maybe it is. It sure beats having to shave every day. I talk about that a little here, and more here, and a whole post dedicated to shaving here.

The lovely and talented Cheryl over at The Bag Lady chose today’s word for Linda Hill’s annual Just Jot It January blog hop. And now a word about Wrigley’s Doublemint gum.

17 thoughts on “It’s Not THAT Bad… #JusJoJan

  1. Many times I use my trimmer and I look like I haven’t shaved in a couple of days…I don’t like a neat look…it doesn’t fit me. I like scraggly.


    1. I knew twin sisters in grammar school who used to do The Doublemint Twins routine from the late ’60’s. This is from 1973 or 1974, and I don’t remember it, either. Wrigley had a factory not far from where we lived after we got married, and a lot of our neighbors worked there. Kind of ironic that a company whose name was on the Cubs’ ballpark would be less than a mile from Comiskey Park, home of the White Sox…

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  2. it’s funny, I never thought twice about shaving until the stroke. I mean, before, I used to shave every day just because my wife preferred me clean-shaven. But it was nothing special or memorable. After, I made a point of shaving, just because it took me closer back to how I used to be.


    1. I regret having switched to the disposable razors now. I used to get a great shave with a safety razor, and that’s why I tried going back to it after my stroke. A safety razor with a blade is much sharper than a disposable, and as I said I ripped my face to shreds with onewhen I tried to go back…

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      1. I just used to buy whatever was top of the line, but I need to be more cafeful with money now. In any case, there comes a point where my shave is “good enough” and I have no need to buy something 10x the price. I have a cheap electric razor as backup but I never liked the feel of a dry shave.

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