No, Thank You #socs #JusJoJan

I’ve set up the AT&T app that sends any call not from someone in my contacts list to my voice mail, and as a result I get virtually no phone calls. I kind of miss Robotween, who I talked about here and here, but not that much.

My last call was from a company that works with the insurance company that does my Medicare Advantage plan. They call every year and offer to come to my house and do a "healthy home" evaluation, and every year I turn them down. The way I see it, they don’t offer anything I can’t figure out for myself and deal with the insurance company directly to obtain. Ostensibly the information on all of the insurance company’s programs and benefits is available either on the web or in the documents they send every year, and I can read that and make my decisions accordingly. And if it isn’t there, it should be.

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And now a word about the great taste of Michelob.

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  1. I screen my calls as well. I won’t answer calls from numbers I don’t know. I let the machine for voicemail get it, figuring that if it’s important they can leave a message. But with people being able to spoof phone numbers now, it’s getting harder to screen calls like that now.


    1. Had to stop for a second… I said to myself “wait, Dan’s older than I am, and I was a junior and senior in ’73,” them I realized you were in college and I was still in high school… 😂

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