(Almost) Finished #JusJoJan

The lovely and talented Lauren chose today’s JusJoJan prompt, "finished."

Except we aren’t, are we? We still have one more day to go. We don’t (officially) have a prompt for it, but I know what I’ll be using absent of an official one.

Just Jot It January ends tomorrow, so remember, Linda Hill is the host for it, if you want to play next year. Now (because I can’t get it out of my head), a word about Finish Quantum with new Power Gel. Take the Finish Shine challenge!

12 thoughts on “(Almost) Finished #JusJoJan

  1. Oh to catch up….what else is now but I will never finish reading your posts and enjoying them. When I finish something, I feel victorious


    1. There’s one day left! And, even if it’s not part of JusJoJan, Saturday comes right after.

      We use Finish all the time. It’s there with all the dishwasher stuff at the grocery store, unless yours is a market the don’t sell in for some reason, or your grocer doesn’t carry it…

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        1. Thanks! I’m pretty sure I managed a post a day, besides all the other stuff I do. It’s not that hard to do three when you’re already doing two…


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