Song of the Day: Dionne Warwick and The Spinners, “Then Came You”

I saw an interesting comment on this, by LaDeeGee Genelle Majied:

Here’s a little back story about this song… Thom Bell, the creative genius that he is, asked Dionne if she wanted to sing with the Spinners in this song. She didn’t care for the song and didn’t think it would be a hit. So Bell tore a dollar in half and they each signed their names on it, and he told her that if the song didn’t hit #1, he would return his half of the dollar and forget about recording it. Well, she recorded the song with the Spinners, and it hit #1. Dionne sent Bell her half of the dollar with an apology on it.

The song reached #1 on the Hot 100, #3 on the Adult Contemporary chart, and #2 on the Hot Soul Singles chart in 1974.

11 thoughts on “Song of the Day: Dionne Warwick and The Spinners, “Then Came You”

  1. That’s a cute story and I love the fact that it was a 2 dollar bill since the States has an issue with that bill and we have the toonie..a coin. I enjoy listening to this song.


    1. I think it was a $1 that they tore in two, something you wouldn’t do in Canada because your $1 and $2 are both coins. Funny story: I taught a class in Toronto before they rolled out the loonie, and had $18 in Canadian money that I held onto for the next trip. I didn’t make the next trip until after the $1 coin came out, and the first morning I had breakfast at McDonalds. I handed the cashier the 3 $1’s and she couldn’t figure out where to put them in the cash register. For all I know they might have been the last $1 bills Canada ever saw…


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