Writer’s Workshop: A Few Odds & Ends

Odds and Ends. Image by kalhh from Pixabay

I think I’ll take a few minutes here and talk about a few things on my mind.

The stroke took away my ability to play the guitar, because I don’t have the control over my right hand to handle the pick or play fingerstyle. Recently, Mary asked me if I could still play the harmonica. I had played some blues harmonica in my college days but haven’t played much since then. A few weeks ago on a Monday’s Music Moves Me post I had a playlist with some excellent harmonica players, and I’m starting to see if maybe I have enough interest to start again.

I think I might try to pick up the chromatic harmonica this time. Blues is almost exclusively done on diatonic harmonica, though Little Walter played some chromatic and got a whole different sound out of it. One thing I’ve noticed, though, is they ain’t cheap like they were when I was playing. I think I paid $10 for a diatonic and $30 for a chromatic back then; now the diatonic is $30 and the chromatic is almost $200, though there are less expensive options.

I’m taking a few minutes to deal with my RSS feeds. Be back soon…

My wardrobe — all of it — consists of polo shirts and jeans. Lately I’ve noticed that because of the lymphedema in my leg, sometimes the legs of my jeans are too tight. Mary made the suggestion that maybe I should try sweat pants. I went out to Omar the Tentmaker’s website and ordered a pair that doesn’t look like sweat pants, as well as a few new shirts. Meanwhile, Mary has a friend that is a seamstress, who would be able to widen the legs on the couple of new pairs of jeans that I have.

I just remarked to someone else that Mary and I might be the only two people in the United States who couldn’t give a rat’s behind about the Super Bowl, but I’m pretty excited because it means less than two weeks before pitchers and catchers report for Spring Training.

And that’s about it for now…

22 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop: A Few Odds & Ends

  1. I laughed WAY too hard at Omar the Tentmaker. His wife makes all my pajamas 😉
    My hands are something I’m losing to my old friend Arty, and as I am aware of it, I fear sudden and swift loss, which makes me grateful for the stupid, painful, knobby, weak use of them now. I do not think I will take up any stringed instruments.


    1. Never heard of Omar the Tentmaker? He’s made my clothes for years.

      Is it Arty Osteo or Arty Rheumatoid? I have Osteo in my knees, and take three times the recommended dose of naproxen sodium (Aleve) every day, which kind of keeps the pain to a minimum.


  2. My hubby is thrilled about the Super Bowl this year because his team – San Franciso 49ers are playing. We both wear sweats around the house because they are most comfortable. We wear jeans when out and around. Our attire is casual and that suits me just fine.

    I hope you’ll give the harmonica another try. And perhaps, a playlist of mewsic with harmonica playing?


  3. I couldn’t care less about the Super Bowl and rather look at the commercials. Sweatpants would be good especially if you are just at home. I dislike the tight jeans and other pants that are tight on my legs. When you look at the average woman, most don’t look good in that type of style. I bet you will love the update on your jeans


    1. Remember flares and bell bottoms? I almost need something like that. Anyway, I’m adapting. I cannot for the life of me understand the “skinny jeans.” Even if I had the body for them, I wouldn’t wear them.


  4. Trust me, you are not the only one uninterested in the Super Bowl. I mean, baseball is soooo boring. (Heh. I do that to make my friends twitch. I know the Super Bowl is basketball. Duh. 😉

    Thanks so much for your comments on my blog. I’m bound and determined to bring blogging back and that’s how it’ll start!


  5. I get the hand thing. I was in a car accident when I was 21 and had a traumatic brain injury to the right side of the brain so my left side is compromised. That was back in 1981and I still can’t feel my pinky and ring finger. They feel like they are asleep and the injury goes all the way down to my little toe and the one next to it. I suppose it could’ve been a whole lot worse so I’m thankful and grateful ❤ Happy Thursday Mr. John 🙂


    1. My stroke hit the whole right side of my body. I was able to get my leg back to almost normal (although that’s where the lymphedema resides), but my hand is stubborn. My occupational therapist said that if we walked on our hands, they’d come back faster, but it’s still pins and needles all day every day. I can do some things with it, like holding the grab bars when I’m standing up in the shower, but as for fine muscle tone, needed for holding pens and guitar picks, that’s kind of gone forever. But as you say, it could have been worse…

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  6. “Omar the Tentmaker” – I actually laughed out loud at that one. I’ll have to start calling it that; they’ll still take my money. I really like Port Authority shirts, so much that I’m wearing mine out in 3 years instead of the usual decade.

    I would have thought you’d be a fan of Super Bowl commercials, although they’ve been quite lame the past several years. Since the Packers aren’t in it, I’ll just watch the commercials and read or tinker in between.

    I hope you’ll give harmonica a try, or some other instrument that works for you. In my view, making music yourownself brings an even deeper enjoyment and appreciation (as you know from playing guitar).


    1. You never heard of Omar the Tentmaker?

      I like the Super Bowl commercials. There have been some real classics, like the guy raising the Clydesdale (I get choked up when I watch that one). Budweiser always comes up with some great commercials, and those Clydesdales are remarkable horses.

      I’m still in the thinking stages on the harmonica. I had a bunch of Marine Band diatonics and a very nice Chromonica back when I was playing a lot, but they’ve all been lost or discarded over the years, so I have to start from scratch again…


  7. LOL Omar the Tentmaker and yes, Super Bowl means baseball’s coming. I just read a notification that the Giants may want to bring Hunter Pence back. That alone is something to look forward to.


    1. I don’t think I’ll rise to the level of Toots, who was a consummate musician, but I’ll have some fun with it, and who knows, maybe I’ll figure out “Bluesette” or something…


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