No Small Choices! #socs

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Linda left us with the following prompt:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “choices.” Base your post on the subject of making small, uneventful choices. Enjoy!

This got me to wondering, is there any such thing as a small, uneventful choice? I understand it’s something like picking out your clothes or where and what you’ll have for dinner, but are those necessarily "small" and "uneventful"? I would sometimes make choices that at the time seemed like they were small and uneventful, and end up with them being anything but. I’ve shared some of those stories here, so read them if you’re interested. Or not. Your choice. Maybe this would be more to your liking.

Let’s play a "f’rinstance" here with the choice of where and what to have for dinner. Pick the wrong restaurant, or the wrong dish, and you could end up in the hospital having your stomach pumped. Or let’s say you choose to leave for work a little sooner or a little later, and meet a very attractive person with whom you start a long, loving relationship. Or maybe you get held up. Or you choose that one pair of pants whose seams are about to go and end up having to stop at a store on your way to work to buy a new pair because the pants split. And while you’re there you decide to buy a new sport jacket and tie, and because you came in looking really spiffy your boss decides to promote you.

This is fun, ain’t it?

I want to take a minute to thank Linda Hill for the great time we had last month, and for hosting Stream of Consciousness Saturday each week. Now this word about the Wilson Autograph Series wood tennis racquets. At Wilson, we’re not Number 1 for nothing.

23 thoughts on “No Small Choices! #socs

  1. When we end up leaving later or earlier than planned it could be that guardian angels are keeping us safe from some sort of calamity. All these possibilities sure make life interesting.


  2. I liked linking out to your other posts. The ending scene of St. Elsewhere is one for the memory books. Mind blowing at the time. Regarding being late, I have a recurring nightmare of that. This dream is likely the outcome from when I was a little and dad would say, “I’m leaving in 5 minutes and if you aren’t in the car I’m leaving without you”. My brothers hoped to be left behind while I made a mad dash for the car. Most often carrying my shoes. I was not going to be late. No way!


  3. Good one, John. I read somewhere that if you are nicely dressed you are more likely to be given an upgrade to first class on the airlines too.


  4. You are so right about choices. My hubby and I decided to leave for Toronto a half hour later than we were going to. As a result we passed an accident involving a few vehicles that looked like it happened about a half hour before. We could have been part of that mess if we left earlier. We hate travelling to Toronto because the freeways are nuts!


    1. Reminds me of a line toward the end of this song:


      By the way, Matthew Garber (the young boy eating ice cream) and I were born the exact same day. Sadly, he didn’t make it past 21…


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