Just Jot It January (#JusJoJan) Recap

Linda has given all of us an opportunity to reflect on the recently-completed Just Jot It January.

  • JusJoJan is a lot of fun, like 31 straight days of Stream of Consciousness Saturdays. That in and of itself was great.
  • There seem to be a lot more people participating this year than in years past.
  • I preferred having all the prompts available before we started writing. Picking them weekly wasn’t bad, I just preferred having them all picked before the month started.
  • I liked seeing the other bloggers’ takes on the words, and I hope they enjoyed mine.
  • It was a bit hectic, and I think I need a whole different approach to which blogs I read and how I follow up with the others. Actually I think I need to start building the blogroll over, so I don’t pass up on people who I’d like to read.
  • Maybe we should have a badge contest for Just Jot It January next year? Just a thought.

Thanks again, Linda, for hosting JusJoJan again this year, thanks to everyone who stopped by during the month, and thanks for all the good reading this month created! Now, as always, a word from our sponsor, Weyerhaeuser, the tree-growing people.

6 thoughts on “Just Jot It January (#JusJoJan) Recap

  1. I think about a badge contest for JusJoJan every year, but it’s always December when it comes to mind–when I’m too busy to do anything about it. 😛 Glad you enjoyed it, John! Thanks for joining in. 😀
    Are you doing A-Z again this year?


  2. Are these the weekly questions you answer? Forgive me as I am beyond tired. I wake up and have my breakfast and shortly after I get so tired, I zone out again.


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