Two For Tuesday: Gary Portnoy

Gary Portnoy is not the most prolific television theme writer. He’s a singer-songwriter first who’s created TV themes as a sort of sideline. Maybe his best-known song is "Where Everybody Knows Your Name" that he wrote (with Judy Hart Angelo) and sang that was the theme song for the very-popular Cheers. He recorded a longer version of it that was released as a single. It reached #83 in the US and #58 in the UK.

He and Angelo also wrote the theme for Punky Brewster, which he also sang.

And the theme for Mr. Belvidere. Leon Redbone sang the theme for the show. Portnoy did a full version of the song on his 2007 album Destiny.

A partial list of the songs he’s written for other artists can be found of Wikipedia. Gary Portnoy, your Two For Tuesday, February 4, 2020.

15 thoughts on “Two For Tuesday: Gary Portnoy

  1. John,

    Not being a partaker of alcoholic beverages, I was surprised to learn how much I liked the TV sitcom “Cheers”. That was show brought some great laughs week after week and loved the spin-off “Fraizer” sitcom, too. Writers today can’t hold a candle to the talent 20 + years ago. The theme song is another one that’s instantly. “Punky Brewster” I don’t recall watching but I did watch on occasion “Mr. Belvedere”. The songwriters for movies/TV were phenomenal. Thanks for sharing these Gary Portnoy’s classic TV theme songs!


    1. In many ways “Frasier” was that much funnier. The family dynamic between Frasier, Niles, and Martin was just perfect, the continuing saga between Niles, Maris (who we never saw) and Daphne was well-played, Frasier’s relationship with Roz and the other people at the station was excellent, and the show was always well-written from the beginning to the end.

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  2. Interesting read, John. The Cheers song may not have made it very high in the charts, everyone recognizes it. I wonder how he fared financially for this work?


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