Song of the Day: Pratt & McClain, "Theme from 'Happy Days'"

Kind of a follow-up to both of yesterday’s posts, really: The Edwin Hawkins Singers did "Oh Happy Day" for yesterday’s Song of the Day, and we featured Gary Portnoy, writer of a couple of TV themes.

Happy Days was a show that aired from 1974 to 1984, a sort of follow-up to the movie American Graffiti, although the show actually came from a sketch on the TV show Love, American Style called "Love and The Happy Days." In its first season, the opening theme was Bill Haley & The Comets’ "Rock Around The Clock," while Norman Gimbel and Charles Fox wrote the closing theme. Thereafter, the Gimbel and Fox song was used at the beginning and end of the show. Jerry Pratt and Truett McClain sang the closing theme in the first season, after which the theme was done by Jim Haas for most of the rest of the shows, Bobby Arvon replacing him for the last season. Pratt and McClain recorded a full version of the song in 1975 for their eponymous first album, and it reached #5 on the Hot 100. Needless to say, it was their only hit.

19 thoughts on “Song of the Day: Pratt & McClain, "Theme from 'Happy Days'"

    1. He was almost 30 when he starred in “Happy Days,” and by the time the show ended he had become the central character. He sounded too “New York” to have been from Milwaukee, frankly…


  1. John,

    Good history on this very recognizable song. It makes me feel good every time I hear this song play. How magical is that? I loved the TV sitcom, “Happy Days”. We saw the movie American Graffiti many years later and while it was fun, I prefer the TV spin-off. I had forgotten about “Love American Style”. I liked that program, too. Boy, did they have some good stuff on broadcast TV back in the day!


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