Song of the Day Extra: Jim Ferguson, “Medley for Kirk”

We lost Kirk Douglas yesterday… no, wait, we didn’t lose him: we still have his movies, which will live on long after all of us are gone, and we did have him among us for more than a century. His body gave up on him, but his spirit and the joy his movies brought to us lives on.

A number of years ago, I had the pleasure of studying acoustic jazz guitar under Jim Ferguson, former associate editor of Guitar Player magazine, at the National Guitar Workshop. Not long after that, he released Cedar and Silk (2004), an album of songs he played on solo classical guitar. One of the tracks on that album is "Medley for Kirk," where he plays the theme songs from Spartacus (1960) and The Vikings (1958). I can’t think of a more fitting tribute.

15 thoughts on “Song of the Day Extra: Jim Ferguson, “Medley for Kirk”

      1. I could listen to that sort of acoustic play all day. I had a guitar teacher that I had a few lessons with when I was 16 or so. He showed me how to play Yesterday as an instrumental…I still remember it.


          1. Just last year I did from a fellow blogger. If I remember right it was a song called Locomotivation
            I love how he kept the rhythm going with the other parts.
            Finger picks…something I never mastered.


            1. He spent his early years playing along with Chet Atkins records (who had learned by listening to Merle Travis records) and got so good that Chet named him a Certified Guitar Player (a joke title he gave himself and a few of his friends, like Jerry Reed, John Knowles, Marcel Dadi, and Steve Wariner). I think Tommy has passed Chet in ability, believe it or not.

              I thought that all fingerstyle players played with their fingernails, but Tommy uses the fingertips. Wish I had known that when I was trying to learn to play…


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