Song of the Day: Vince Guaraldi and Bola Sete, “Days of Wine and Roses”

I’ve talked about the powerhouse combination of director Blake Edwards and composer/arranger/musician Henry Mancini before. Generally, Edwards is known for light comedies (Victor/Victoria, the Pink Panther films, etc.), but from time to time he would take on a film project that was a little heavier, such as in the 1962 film Days of Wine and Roses, which starred Jack Lemmon and Lee Remick and took on the subject of alcoholism. The tagline for the film was "This, in its own terrifying way, is a love story." Mancini’s title song, with lyrics by Johnny Mercer, won the Academy Award for Best Original Song in 1963.

Djalma de Andrade, better known as Bola Sete, was a Brazilian jazz and bossa nova guitarist who toured with Dizzy Gillespie before moving to San Francisco and recording several albums with pianist Vince Guaraldi. Their first, 1963’s Vince Guaraldi, Bola Sete & Friends, included Jerry Granelli on drums and Fred Marshall on bass guitar and included the song.

5 thoughts on “Song of the Day: Vince Guaraldi and Bola Sete, “Days of Wine and Roses”

  1. This is a great, but sad movie with excellent acting by Lemmon and Remick. I do like this song and I think I like the version you have hear than the original.


    1. I used to hear Ray Conniff’s version all the time because my mother was a “beautiful music” fan. (That’s where I get it from.) This version is my favorite.


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