Writer’s Workshop: Challenges Old And New

You ask me about challenges, and naturally the first one I think of is this one…

As always, my April will be mostly dedicated to the Blogging From A To Z April Challenge. During April, I and several hundred bloggers take on the alphabet, starting with A on April 1 and ending with Z on April 30, taking the weekends off to recuperate and try to catch up. You’ll find more information at the website (linked above), and as one of the hosts of the Challenge, you can always ask me, even though we haven’t really started planning for it yet.

I had been working on a Data Science course through Udemy, but I’ve kind of lost interest, at least for now. The first part has been all statistics, which was my forté when I was in college, and I haven’t managed to forget anything I learned about it. It’s been a challenge just staying awake through the lectures. I’m sure I’ll finish eventually. Or maybe not.

I’m still debating about whether to take up the harmonica again, as I mentioned a couple of weeks ago. That would be a challenge, even though I’ve played harmonica in the past. All things considered, I think I’d enjoy playing the chromatic harmonica more than the diatonic, because I could play a greater variety of music. However, the challenge would be working the slide, the button that pushes all the notes up a half step. The way the harmonica is set up, the button is on the right, and my weak hand is the right one. If my hand refuses to cooperate with me, that becomes a problem. Of course, I could flip the instrument over so the button is on the left and the low end of the scale is on the right. It’d mean learning to play it backwards, but I’m sure I wouldn’t be the first person who played that way. Paul Butterfield played the diatonic that way…

You know, I’ve been doing the Writer’s Workshop for a few years now, and I really enjoy it. Kat is a wonderful host (and she likes cats!), the prompts are challenging, and I’ve benefitted tremendously from it. Why not join us on Thursdays?

15 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop: Challenges Old And New

  1. The A to Z challenge sounds like fun! I know I’d drop the ball on daily blogging, but I’m looking forward to watching you pull it off. 🙂 And I totally think picking up a harmonica is a must!


    1. The secret is to get all the entries written before April and schedule them to release on the right day.

      I might actually pick up a chromatic and a diatonic. I keep going back and forth between them…


      1. I’ve sent something to the address I have. Let me know if you don’t receive any email from me.


  2. I should look at the link for the a to z. Not sure I want to commit time to it—alots of yard work requiring my time in april, but I should look. Maybe someday. Thx for the comment. I didn’t know you canned. It is an art.


  3. I just finished getting the drafts ready for the A to Z. I have my theme but it’s going to require some activity for me before I’ll be ready to write the posts. The new banner is cool but I’m not sure how I feel about the thin ovals around the a and z. Love the colors though.


  4. John,

    I’m waiting for the A2Z sign up announcement. Do you have any clue when that will be? I figured I’d give another go. This annual event challenge me to build on my art skills. I’m getting excited because I’ve already started my sketches and while I know I have much to learn, the process is rewarding and fun. Best of luck if you decide to take up the harmonica again. I can image the frustrations that comes with having a weak hand. My left arm has been giving me problems and so to not hurt it further I’m trying to avoid using it which is a challenge. I’m surprised how much I use my left arm being right handed. I always open stuff with my left hand and grip with my right. I asked DH if he does that and he says no, so am I the only righty who does this? Surely not!

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    1. We’ll probably open for business at the beginning of March. I need to get with Arlee et al. to see what’s going on.

      Playing the guitar gives both hands a workout. The right hand doews the strumming and picking while the left deals with the fretboard. The stroke killed off most of the fine motor skills in my right hand, meaning I can’t hold a pick and have lost the touch that comes with playing fingerstyle. I’ve learned to adapt and type almost as quickly with one hand as I did with two, but I haven’t got the hang of writing left-handed. There are some things I did with my left hand, among them unlocking and opening my car door, but as a rule I used my right.

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  5. I am undecided if I will join again this year. Amazing how it sneaks up, just like everything. Stats is my least favourite and I barely passed this course I had to take in university. I hope you master the harmonica playing it the opposite way.


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