A Cheeky #socs

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So she tells me I can use "cheek" as either a noun or a verb. I’ve never seen "cheek" used as a verb. I checked Dictionary.com and it sounds like using it a verb basically means "being a smartass." Like now, for example.

When you go to the dentist (at least to mine), when he talks about the buccal side of a tooth, it means the side next to the cheek. Lingual means the side next to the tongue, occlusal means the top. You’re welcome.

I remember watching the movie Planes, Trains, and Automobiles with my family, who had seen it like a thousand times before and knew what was coming before it happened and insisted on telling me, thus ruining the surprise which is a big part of watching comedy. Nevertheless, one line I remember was John Candy saying that something was like "playing pick-up-sticks with your buttcheeks." Meaning it was impossible to do, whatever "it" was.

When I worked as a production supervisor, we called one of the guys "Cheeky." His real name was Ezequiel and his nickname was Quichi (KEY-chee), but we never got that straight.

I saw an act many years ago at Milwaukee Summerfest (I think it was the first or second year they held it) that was two guys, one who played a guitar and sang, the other played the jug, Jew’s harp, and whatever else the song called for. One of the songs they did was "Angel of the Morning," and whenever they sang the line "Just touch my cheek before you leave," the guy who wasn’t playing the guitar would grab his butt. Well, I thought it was funny, anyway.

And, just like that, here’s Merrilee Rush, from 1968, with "Angel of the Morning."

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  1. You captured so much in such a short space. The dental terms, John Candy, co-worker nickname, and a jug playin self-butt grabber. Now that’s how you stream! Nice song choice too. Happy Saturday!!


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