Meow…. #socs

Not one of mine, unfortunately. Image by Doris Metternich from Pixabay

Today,we’re going to talk about animal sounds, just like Linda asked us to. I have a lot of experience with cats, so naturally that’s what I’ll talk about.

I heard recently (not too recently, but recently enough) that cats only vocalize (or speak) to humans and not to other cats. Which is all right so far as it goes, but they do speak to other cats, mostly in growls and howls when they’re getting ready to fight. It’s not the cat that’s initiating the fight that does the growling and howling; it’s the cat being threatened that does most of the talking, which gets louder as he or she is getting backed into a corner. The closer the aggressor gets, the louder the growling and howling gets. This is a good thing if you’re in the living room and the contretemps is happening in the basement or one of the bedrooms, so that the supervising human can run up the stairs and break it up. So, maybe they are talking to us then, too.

Another time they howl is right before they’re ready to puke. This is when, if they’re sitting beside you on the couch, it’s a good time to shoo them. You might have to give them a shove to get them to jump down, but it’s easier to clean barf off the carpet than the furniture.

You’ve probably heard that Siamese cats are noisy. You heard correctly. We had a Siamese when we lived in Chicago named Natasha, and she was quite loud, especially when she’d go into heat. We never had her spayed. We’ve also had three part-Siamese cats, one of whom was Sherman. He was jet black and pretty big, but had this delicate squeak of a voice that somehow didn’t fit. We thought it was cute. Lucy looked the most like a chocolate-point Siamese, and she had the voice to match, earning her the epithet "Daddy’s Little Noise Box." Amy, the third, was always a bit strange; she’d hide in the bedroom most of the day and only come down for meals. She had this voice that was a cross between a cat’s and a duck’s. It took her years to warm up to Mary and me. Don’t know that her voice had anything to do with it.

Wish I had pictures to share…

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14 thoughts on “Meow…. #socs

  1. LOL – I nodded my head as I read this post. We have two cats, and you’re right on target. They don’t ‘meow’ to each other, only growl when fighting. And, they meow to us humans when they are hungry or we talk to them first. The howl before the puke or the (dumping) is spot on as well – as well as the floor is easier than the couch for clean up!


  2. I’ve had several cats during my lifetime and yes, Siamese cats have a loud meow. Our little angel Amanda that just passed had a very soft meow. She was a very quiet and sweet cat. My hubby and I felt lost without a cat so, on Valentine’s Day, we adopted a cat from the Humane Society. Well, she (Callie) is full of vim and vigor. She is a tortie (tortoiseshell) and a delightful cat. She definitely has an attitude. For torties, it’s called tortitude. I’ll post some pics soon.


    1. Which Humane Society did you adopt Callie from? We used to do some volunteering for the Cobb County Humane Society, and as I remember they were overrun with cats because their standards for adoption were so high (as in, it’s easier to adopt a human baby). We haven’t been involved with them in a few years, so maybe it’s changed, but I remember they had 20-30 fullgrown cats, some of whom had spent their entire lives there.

      I don’t know what it is about torties and calicos that makes them temperamental, but they are wonderful pets. I’m sure she has a wonderful forever home and that you’ll enjoy each other’s company for years to come.

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      1. We got Callie at the Mansell Rd. location in Alpharetta. The facility was amazingly clean and well-run. They were not over run by cats and the staff was easy to work with. We walked in and had Callie in a little over an hour. She’s only two and perhaps we should have selected an older cat but it was love at first sight and we couldn’t resist her.


    1. I’ve had several that sit at the window and chirp like birds if they see birds outside. Of course, they were quiet when the chicken hawk that lives in one of the trees at the back of the property was sitting on the railing of the deck…


  3. Thank you John, that was really interesting and funny too, I live the part about “human supervisors” having to sort out cat fights. I wish you’d had photos too but you wrote excellent images. 💜


    1. I’ve got pictures of a lot of them, at least the Atlanta crowd. I have to sort through them, which has been on my to-do list for a while. There are a few here and there. I just need to get them all in one place.


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