BATTLE OF THE BANDS: “You Talk Too Much” Results

Last Saturday, I staged a Battle of the Bands between Cheap Trick and George Thorogood, both of whom had songs named "You Talk Too Much," neither of which were the same and neither of which were the same as Joe Jones’s song back in the ’60’s. Time to announce the winner!

George Thorogood: 10 (11)

Cheapo Trick: 5

Mary B cast a vote for herself and for "The Cute One," and I wasn’t sure whether to count that as one vote or two, thus the parenthetical score. In the end, George Thorogood won by a healthy margin, no matter how you count them. Congratulations to George Thorogood and a pat on the back to Cheap Trick for giving it the old college try.

Our next battle, thanks to the wonders of the leap year, will be on Sunday, March 1. Join us then!

4 thoughts on “BATTLE OF THE BANDS: “You Talk Too Much” Results

  1. In a way I’m surprised by this outcome. I’ve never been a fan of Thorogood, but apparently I’m in a minority among rockers. Maybe I’m just not that much of a rocker. This was almost like the outcome of my Battle except my low count artist fared worse than yours.

    Damn! Cheap Trick was a great band! Better than Georgie in my opinion.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out


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