#socs Addendum

Since the topic for today was “animal sounds,” I think I should have used this commercial from Moo & Oink, formerly the Calumet Meat Co. of Chicago. Moo & Oink is no longer in business (their meat products are made by Best’s, but the stores are gone).

14 thoughts on “#socs Addendum

    1. You wouldn’t unless you lived in Chicago. It used to be Calumet Meat Co., “The Home of Moo ‘n’ Oink,” and they ran ads in the paper advertising their specials. We never went there, even though we lived close to the 38th and Halsted location and I used to pass it on the bus all the time. They became Moo & Oink after we moved away…

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  1. I enjoy watching old regional commercials. I’ve spent hours watching Nashville businesses commercials from the 70s and 80s.


    1. I’m into pretty much anything that isn’t the actual shows themselves: commercials, station ID’s, EBS/EAS tests, community bulletin board stuff, signons and signoffs, bumpers, color bars and test cards, local news and editorials, PSA’s, those announcements about the station renewing its license… basically the stuff everyone tunes out or heads to the kitchen/bathroom when it comes on…

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