Song of the Day: Dashdondog, “охин” (Girl)

A few years ago, I was searching YouTube for national anthems, and I ran across a gem: the Mongolian National Anthem, arranged as a popular song. The four singers, I finally figured out (after transliterating the Mongol Cyrillic characters on the card at the beginning), are Ariunaa (the woman in the blue dress), Sarantuya (the woman in the black pantsuit), Zhargalsaikhan (the man in the hat), and today’s featured singer, Dashdondog. I haven’t been able to find much about most of them (there’s a brief Wikipedia article about Sarantuya, who I featured on Two for Tuesday a while back), but I know what I like, and they all have great voices. Here’s Dashdondog from a few years ago with a song called "охин" (which translates to "girl").

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