The Blurry and Out-Of-Focus Week That Was

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Promotions like this were great, weren’t they?

I managed to break my glasses, something I haven’t done in 50 years. I was cleaning them and they snapped right in half. I went to the optometrist and got the prescription so we can go over to Costco and get a new pair sometime this week. Meanwhile, I’m wearing glasses that are at least 20 years old, because they aren’t progressive lenses, meaning I have to take them off when I read or do stuff on my phone. They’re okay, but the right lens keeps popping out. Anyway, here’s the summary for the week.

Except for Sunday, this week featured music with a definite international flavor.

No idea what this week’s theme will be. Maybe there won’t be one.

Freebie week. I shared songs from Beatles’ movies.

Some pretty heavy questions this week: I opined on best friends of the opposite sex, shared my greatest struggle and my darkest thought, and reiterated that I can’t stand condiments.

Kurt Farquhar, who wrote the theme for The King Of Queens and Moesha, among others, was the featured artist. I’ll stay with this theme for a while longer, because I can’t think of a new one.

This week’s one-liner pointed out how the brain can be a real jerk sometimes.

I talked about my marriage proposal to Mary. We’re still together, so it must have been effective.

We visited KFRC in San Francisco and reviewed their Top 10 from the end of February 1968.

Our prompt this week was to find a word that contained the letter combo ect and write about it. My word was "confections."

My latest battle is a repeat of the battle I had last September with one additional contestant, the song name being "Cherish." I’ll announce the winner next Sunday.

Tomorrow’s M⁴ theme is "songs with names in the title." Hardest part about that was limiting myself to just ten. I’ll see what TV composers I haven’t written about and write about one of them. We’ll have a radio survey on Friday, songs of the day every day, a pithy one-liner on Wedneday, and responses to whatever prompts Melanie, Kat and Linda come up with. And who knows what else?

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And that’s it for this edition of The Week That Was. See you in the funny papers!

3 thoughts on “The Blurry and Out-Of-Focus Week That Was

    1. I liked the pair that broke, mostly because they would bend if I got clumsy (which I am often wont to do), which they didn’t do in this case. I hadn’t been to the optometrist in six years, meaning I hadn’t been tested for macular degeneration (which runs in the family), glaucoma or cataracts in that time. So it was good that I went (no sign of the first two, and cataracts hadn’t gotten to where I needed surgery).

      The idea for using commercials came from the early episodes of The Oddity Archive on YouTube. Ben the Archive Master used to insert them into his videos. I thought it was a great idea and started doing it a couple of years ago, just about when Ben stopped doing it…

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