Share Your World for March 3, 2020

It’s that time again! Melanie has axed us a bunch of questions that I’m going to answer here. If you’d like to play along, follow the link, where she has all the rules and stuff.

Can you bake a cake? (credit for this question goes to Di) I’m sure I could follow the directions on a Duncan Hines or Pillsbury box and make a pretty good cake. From scratch, it might be a little more difficult, although I can follow a recipe.

What’s one thing that can instantly make your day better? Banana Cream Pie.

When you were a kid, did you eat the crusts on your sandwich or not? Absolutely. And if the only bread left in the house was the heels of a loaf, I’d make a sandwich from them. As Charlie Brown used to say in Butternut bread commercials, "I like crusts. They make your hair curly." Butternut might go by, or have gone by, another name in your market. The bag was printed in blue-and-white checks.

What’s something your family would be surprised to learn about you? By now, nothing.

GRATITUDE: We were expecting to be deluged with rain today, but it’s actually nice enough outside that we could get out.

Time to blow this pop stand. See you in the funny papers!

17 thoughts on “Share Your World for March 3, 2020

  1. When I was a kid I used to trim off the crusts if my mother didn’t do it for me first. Now a good crust on a bread is my favorite part.

    My youngest daughter is a professional cake baker. I might have inspired her some, but she didn’t get her baking skills from me. She assembles some amazing looking cakes and sells them for a pretty good sum.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out


    1. The crusty bread is really good, whether it’s French, Italian or Greek. That was always the best part of spaghetti night at home, the bread. Gonella was the bakery that made the bread in Chicago, and they used to sponsor Loyola University basketball games in the ’60’s. The announcer used to say “swisheroo, it went through like a piece of Gonella bread!”


    1. Tomorrow (Friday) it’s supposed to be sunny and dry, and it stays that way until Monday, at least from all the weather reports I’ve seen. Thank heaven for that…


  2. My mom told me the heels would make my hair curly. I hated, still hate heels and crusts. Unless it is my own homemade bread. I haven’t made bread for decades. But we have chickens who love the crusts and the dog gets a corner with peanut butter.:-D


    1. So you can still use the whole loaf. That’s great!

      I took a flight on Air France where they served dinner and breakfast, and since then any other bread pales in comparison. The French really know their bread…

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  3. Here it was called Buttercrust. I prefer the heels too. I used the phrase blow this pop stand earlier today and even though I’ve said it many times, I never learned the origin. Off to Google.


    1. It’s actually “blow this Popsicle stand,” but Ron Riley on WLS in the ’60’s used to say “Time for me to bug out to the dugout and blow this pop stand” at the end of his show. It basically means to leave, as in “time to make like a tree and leave.”

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  4. Thanks John for popping in to Share Your World! Banana Cream Pie is truly one of the best spirit raisers I know of! 😛 I’m glad you had some lovely weather. If you get some extra of that, can you send it along? It’s looking like snow here again. sigh Where was all this snow in January is what I wanna know!


    1. Someone once said that “March is the final fart of winter.” The weather here has gotten gloomy and rainy again, and that’s winter in the South.


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