Song of the Day: Leonid & Friends, “Make Me Smile”

Leonid Vorobyev and the musicians he’s gathered do some of the most amazing covers of the songs of the band Chicago that I’ve ever heard. What’s even more amazing is that he does all the transcribing and arranging himself. Dave, The Real Music Observer on YouTube, was the person who let me know about them, and I was blown away when I first heard them. This wasn’t a band simply doing covers of Chicago’s songs, this was a band that breathed new life into the songs and did them better than the original band does them. They’ve done several tours here in the United States and have developed a huge following, including Dan Seraphine, Chicago’s original drummer, who’s sat in with them a few times. Here is their cover of Chicago’s "Make Me Smile."

5 thoughts on “Song of the Day: Leonid & Friends, “Make Me Smile”

    1. Aren’t these guys amazing? The arrangement is dead-nuts on, and the vocals are incredible, even with the accents (which might be the only way you can tell it isn’t Chicago). There’s plenty more by them on YouTube, including a playlist or two so you don’t have to keep looking for them.

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        1. Yes, but they’re better than most tribute bands. In fact, I’d say that right now they are better than the original as it exists today.


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