Go Figure… #socs

What Pixabay gave me when I looked for “figure.”

I’m not much of an Olympics fan (Atlanta’s experience in 1996 pretty much soured me on the whole thing), but I do like watching the figure skating. Anyone remember Julia Lipnitskaya, the 15-year-old phenom from Russia at the Sochi Olympics in 2014?

She had a little trouble staying on her feet during the individual skate, and was beaten by her teammate, 17-year-old Adelina Sotnikova, who skated like she was saying, "take that, Julia, you little snot!"

A book that I started but never finished was Joseph Heller’s God Knows. The dust jacket had a picture of a cloud with a speech bubble that said, "Go Figure." It was written from the standpoint of King David, who spoke like an old Jewish man. The way he said things was hilarious. I might get a copy from the library and finish it. Eventually…

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    1. You have to love a sport whre the first thing they teach you how to do is to fall without breaking anything. I did some work for a bank in Tulsa, and it was attached to a hotel and a sort of arcade that had a skating rink in the middle. I’d have breakfast at a place rinkside and watch the coaches and the skaters practicing. You could see the intensity they were putting into it. And these were young kids….


  1. I really enjoy watching figure skating. One of my faves. They make it look easy but it’s anything but easy.


    1. They make it look easy because by the time they get to competition they’ve spent hundreds, maybe thousands of hours practicing all those jumps and routines and falling hard on the ice, getting back on their feet and trying again, and learning to look pretty and graceful doing it.

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