Share Your World for March 9, 2020

Time once again for Melanie’s Share Your World! She has the rules over at her place, in case you want to play along. Here we go…

Are you a sweet, sour, tangy or other type of person? Definitely sweet, with all the sweet stuff I eat.

Does the whole coronavirus phenomenon worry you? I’ve been checking the CDC website regularly, and as of noon today there are 423 cases (actual and presumptive) spread across 35 states, with 19 fatalities. 423 cases in a nation of 350 million people is nothing, and we have 19 deaths during a typical flu season every hour. We’ve made some preparations in the event that this suddenly erupts like Mount St. Helens (which it still can) and doing what they tell us to do every flu season (wash your hands, clean the counters and handheld devices, avoid sick people, and if we get sick, stay home). I talked about this more last week.

When was the last time you were snooping, and found something you wish you hadn’t? I can’t talk about this now, but it was not long ago.

What’s the most pleasant sounding accent in your personal opinion? Australian. Not everyone talks like Paul Hogan there…

Gratitude: I was fitted for new glasses today, and I should get them by Monday.

Time to blow this pop stand. See you in the funny pages!

9 thoughts on “Share Your World for March 9, 2020

  1. I like sweet but I also like tangy. My mom never could understand how I love having a chocolate cake with my orange juice and Soda water. I love tangy as well. One don’t care for is bitter. This coronavirus is something to listen to but panic is hitting people which is not surprising but this is, to some degree, more dangerous than the actual virus because people go stupid. Look at the toilet paper crisis which is just crazy. My hubby has anxiety issues so this media attention is not helping at all. I have some concern because I actually have a sunken chest and have a third less the lung capacity than the average person so I have to be careful. My asthma is not severe but I have it so I have to be careful but, on this note, the media does not talk about all the people that die each day from the flu and pneumonia but we do have to be careful. I haven’t snooped in decades but when I was a kid, I did all the time and would find my Christmas presents. I did find letters once and it revealed something that someone would never want to know that I know….I never told anyone and that cured me of my snooping. Even though I was young, I knew this could hurt people even though it is not a bad thing. I do like French but I recently heard a Romanian accent from a young lady and it was so lyrical.


    1. Orange and chocolate go really well together. Around Christmas they sell these chocolate “oranges” that separate into segments filled with orange jelly. Quite tasty.

      We don’t know how serious this Covid-19 is going to be, but I don’t see where panicking about it is going to make things any better. Washing hands, cleaning counters, and especially staying away from sick people will do more to prevent it than fretting over it. The media have done a fine job of working everyone into a frenzy, which is really all the media is good for these days anyway. We have plenty of toilet paper and food in the house. If we had to stay in the house for a couple of weeks, we’d manage. Take care of yourself, as people with respiratory issues are especially prone to it.


  2. I’ll agree to your sweetness 🙂
    I do not snoop. While I like to think I value privacy and prefer trust, it may be that I’m far too afraid of what I’d find! I have happened upon Not My Business a time or two by accident and I wish I could turn back time!


  3. Thanks John for Sharing Your World! I’m glad someone is paying attention (well there’s lots of y’all doing that, but someone I KNOW) to the CDC and what’s happening with that virus. It’s good to be informed. I’m sorry you found something you’d rather not have too. 😦 I like Australian accents, but find the “kiwi’ (New Zealand) one to be very intriguing too! And new glasses? Always a great pleasure! Have a great week John!


    1. New glasses are great when you’ve been forced to wear an old pair that doesn’t have progressive lenses.

      I figure that following it on the CDC website is going to tell me everything I need to know. Medicare sent a helpful email telling me to avoid crowds and cancel all unnecessary travel, which isn’t going to be a problem. I got another email from Starbucks, whose annual meeting is now going to be a virtual one. Frankly, they all should be. We have the technology, we ought to use it. No sense traveling across the country to go to a stockholder’s meeting, is there?

      I know a young person from New Zealand who’s lived in Australia most of her life, so I doubt I would hear that many differences between the Aussie and the Kiwi accent. Time to do some YouTubing…


  4. I like the questions posed this time and your answers. I will try this for today when I finally get on my computer. Although my answers might not be too different than yours.


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