Song of the Day: Glen Campbell, “Southern Nights”

A song written by and originally recorded by Allen Toussaint in 1975, Glen made this the title track of his 1977 album. Released as a single, it reached #1 on the Hot 100, Country, and Adult Contemporary charts in the US, and #2 on the RPM Singles chart, #1 on the Country and Adult Contemporary charts in Canada.

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  1. This is a great song. I had no idea he was friends with Alice Cooper but Alice Cooper surprises many people with his knowledge and friendships he has. Alcohol induced dementia is a big issue and it is a legitimate dementia. I always thought Alzheimer’s was separate from dementia but, after going to many seminars I found out dementia is the one large name and from that comes the different forms fromVascular dementia that my mom had to Alzheimer’s. There is Lewy-Body, alcohol induced, a form of Parkinson’s and there are a couple of others. Each one affects a different part of the brain and starts in a different part. There are many similarities but there are also differences. My mom always knew who I was, my brother, her friend and could talk but others, lost the ability to talk and couldn’t recognize anyone.


    1. Alice and Glen had a lot in common: they both lived in Phoenix, they were both recovering alcoholics, both were born-again Christians and avid golfers. They had a lot to talk about…


  2. What guitar player he was…yea he was a great performer but his guitar playing was awesome.


    1. He was good friends with Alice Cooper (you wouldn’t think so, but they were), who said a lot of rockers wanted to sit down with Glen and pick his brain. He was that well-respected among guitarists.

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