Monday’s Music Moves Me: Animals

NOTE: By the time I learned that the theme for today had changed, this was already written and scheduled. Tomorow’s Song of the Day will be an Irish song. Sorry for the confusion!

The Chinese Zodiac, just because…

Today Athena the Cat Goddess want us to choose songs with animals in the title. So here are a dozen songs with animals in the title that I don’t think anyone else will choose.

  1. Fats Domino, "Everybody’s Got Something To Hide Except For Me And My Monkey" Fats covers this song from The Beatles’ white album.
  2. Theo Bikel, "Piggies" Another song from the white album, given the royal treatment by Theo.
  3. The Flying Burrito Brothers, "Wild Horses" A beautiful song by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, covered beautifully by the FBB.
  4. Buffalo Springfield, "Bluebird" From their second album, it starts out almost psychedelic, but ends with a lovely banjo.
  5. Paul McCartney & Wings, "Bluebird" When I went looking for the last song, I saw this as well and remembered how pretty it was. From Band On The Run.
  6. Rufus Thomas, "Can Your Monkey Do The Dog" Singer/dancer/disk jockey/composer Rufus got with Steve Cropper and came up with a song that’s easy to dance to.
  7. The Hollies, "Too Much Monkey Business" Normally known for their spot-on harmonies, The Hollies show they can rock & roll with the best of them with this cover of a Chuck Berry tune.
  8. Ray Stevens, "The Preacher and The Bear" Wikipedia tells us that this was originally a "coon song," one that presents a not-too-pleasant stereotype of Black people, which came as a great shock to me. It’s been covered frequently, and I knew that Jerry Reed and The Big Bopper had done it, but never knew that Ray Stevens also had a cover.
  9. Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass, "The Lonely Bull" Title track from Herb and the TJB’s first album. This is popular among surf bands as well.
  10. Big Mama Thornton, "Little Red Rooster" Written by Willie Dixon and originally done by Howlin’ Wolf, Big Mama puts her own mark on it.
  11. Big Mama Thornton, "Hound Dog" Had to do this one as well. Elvis got the song from her. That’s Buddy Guy playing the guitar here.
  12. Gabriella Quevedo, "Blackbird" Paul McCartney wrote it and put it on the white album, and pretty much every fingerstyle player has covered it. Funny thing was, Paul didn’t know how to play fingerstyle, but he did all right. Gabriella Quevedo has a channel on YouTube where she does a lot of fingerstyle covers.

And that’s Monday’s Music Moves Me for March 16, 2020.

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14 thoughts on “Monday’s Music Moves Me: Animals

  1. No matter for me; you picked an interesting selection of covers (and some other songs). The song I was absolutely blown away by was the Hollies – did they ever do a good job on this. I never would have guessed it was then. And then, Ray Stevens and a song I haven’t heard in years. Thank you for the bright spots in my day!


  2. Theo Bikel, “Piggies”, I didn’t know he sang too. Thought he was just an actor. He did well. By the way John, you should check Cathy’s blog for the theme. The girls have been contacting here with their information. I’m very sorry I had the wrong information for you still posted yesterday. Cathy did advise me, but I forgot to change it with everything going on. My cousin was alone at the University of Chicago & we went their to keep her company & my best friend of over 40 yrs.was in the hospital with shoulder surgery & NO ONE was there. I was so angry. She has two grown sons with wives could’ve been there, so we went there too. Anyway, You have great choices here John. Love Wild Horses too.


    1. Theo Bikel was a fantastic singer and recorded albums in English and Hebrew. He was a songwriter as well.

      I’ll check Cathy’s blog for the themes going forward. I know you and your loved ones have been dealing with health and other issues and have probably been preoccupied with other things. Hey, that’s life, right? I hate when life gets in the way of blogging…


  3. John,

    I’m sorry for the mix up with the themes this week. It got changed early on and I tried to calling attention to it in my first 4M post this month but I guess I didn’t do a very good job, so my apologizes to you. You have mewsic to share and to me that’s good enough. 🙂 I’m gonna let your playlist go while I tend to other things in Blogosphere. Thanks for sharing all these fine tunes with the 4M gang this morning, my friend. Have a good week and be well.


    1. I guess I should check your blog rather than Marie’s when verifying the theme before I build the playlist. She still had the theme as “animals” yesterday afternoon when I went there to verify. Tomorrow’s song of the day is an Irish tune, so maybe I’ll leave it at that. 😉


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