My 9th Annual A to Z Challenge Theme!

This will be my ninth challenge. In fact, this blog owes a lot to the A to Z Challenge: I started it in 2012 specifically so I could participate, because, like the rules say, you have to have a blog to participate.

Just to review, here are my themes from previous years:

Year Theme
2012 Words from the NATO Spelling Alphabet
2013 Chicago White Sox players, mostly from the ’60’s and ’70’s
2014 No theme (random words)
2015 Words that start and end with the same letter
2016 Portmanteaus AND music (two themes)
2017 Words that start with the letter of the day and end with tomorrow’s letter
2018 Eight-letter words
2019 Words with an “X” in them (for the 10th annual challenge)

As you can see, most of the time my themes are words that fit a given attribute (length, ending letter, type etc.). This year’s is no different:

Words that start with re-, followed by the letter of the day

Of the 26 words I chose for the challenge, only two are re- followed by a verb. And that might change when I get going. I’ll let you know when I’ve done that.

So that’s my theme. Hope you enjoy it!

23 thoughts on “My 9th Annual A to Z Challenge Theme!

    1. No mystery at all: when I get a good idea I put a note in Evernote. I might see something on Jeopardy (e.g. portmanteaus) or might just come up with an idea that I think might work. Even if it turns out to be an idea that doesn’t go very far, I put it in Evernote. Then in February I’ll go through the ideas and pick one. It works for me…


  1. Sounds fun John – I’ll probably be doing it … to decide yet – but I’ll get your posts – cheers Hilary


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