Writers' Workshop: Keeping On Keeping On

Image by Alexey Hulsov from Pixabay

Week 2 of Corona-madness finds us all hanging in there. There are some folks who are temporarily out of work, so I’m hoping that this unplanned hiatus is a short one. I’ve heard that some employers are paying their employees, anyway, which is a good thing.

All the restaurants in the area have closed their dining rooms, but most are still open for carryout and delivery. Our parish still has Sunday Masses according to schedule, but parishoners fulfill their weekly obligation by streaming the Mass over the Internet. At Costco, when we went to pick up my glasses, the woman at the counter told us that she could give them to me, but I’d have to come back later to have them adjusted. Actually, they fit really well, even without adjusting.

I was scheduled for a colonoscopy yesterday, but they called and rescheduled it for June. At least they called before I had started the prep. Personally, I’d be more than happy to live in blissful ignorance of what’s going on in my large intestine, but both the doctor and the insurance company are getting a little insistent.

From our perspective, this hasn’t made that much of a change in our lives. We don’t go too many places to start with, we have no kids in the schools, and I’m retired, so I don’t have to work from home. I check the CDC’s website daily to see how quickly things are emerging, but aside from that, I don’t waste my time with the media’s reports. We’re keepng our hands clean.

30 thoughts on “Writers' Workshop: Keeping On Keeping On

  1. You and Mary just stay tucked into your happy place until all of this is fixed! I’m similar in that the request to stay home doesn’t affect me too much…twist my arm why don’t ya!? 😉 My friend Marci had a colonoscopy too scheduled too! But unlike you, she actually did a three day kit (that she paid for) to cleanse her system. She was starving and felt lightheaded, but never received the cancellation. So she went to the office only to be turned away. She was so irritated. And to add insult to injury, they gave her the wrong kit. It wasn’t supposed to be a three-day kit at all…just a 24 hour prep. You got off easy!


    1. We’re going to take a ride today, because I haven’t been out in almost two weeks. We’ll probably get coffee and sit in the car for a while, just to be somewhere else for a while.

      I can’t believe they didn’t let Marci know before she started! My doctor’s office called well before I was supposed to start. And three days? Boy, did they ever get that wrong…


  2. We are retired too so I am glad we don’t have to worry about going to work or losing our job but am very concerned for people who are in that situation. This is horrible! Happy to hear you are doing okay.


    1. Thanks! Mary and I haven’t turned homicidal on each other yet. Sadly, there are a lot of people for whom working from home isn’t an option, such as first responders, utility crews, medical personnel, truckers, distribution people, grocery store employees, etc. They’re really putting their lives on the line…


  3. I’m glad, as well, that you didn’t enjoy the “prep” before your appointment was rescheduled. I’ve had several cancer patients who have had their treatments postponed and that concerns me, for a few of them.

    All churches here are closed and I keep wondering if there is some official papal dispensation in force for everyone missing weekly services. This isn’t a time to become a sinner and land on His wrong side.

    For me, one positive, maybe two, aside from now being out-of-work, I have ample time to write but I just need some inspiration that moves way beyond COVID-19 and the political warfare has somewhat subsided. But, once this pandemic winds down, THAT will indeed throttle-up into warp speed again.


  4. We’re retired and I work from home, being an artist plus spring means tons of gardening and yard works. It’s frustrating that the gym we belonged to closed for a month and the grocery shopping is weird. Luckily, the Air Force Commissary not only had toilet paper they were handing out a the door (8 packs), but that a ton of chicken stocked–but wisely with a purchase limit of two. Our neighbor is a manager at Ruby Tuesdays and he told us he had people stealing their big size toilet paper rolls out of the bathroom as well the the soap thing in the go-jo dispensers. People get weird when they panic. Another friend saw a guy at the grocery store grabbing up 4 bags of flour and he asked the guy why. That guy said, “I don’t know.” There are people who horde bleach or toilet paper for purposes of reselling. I heard of such a case with a guy buying up the bleach and reselling it at a flea market for “a killing.” That’s not right. Florida has laws about profiteering by businesses during hurricanes and I think there needs to be anti-profiteering stance about crisis situations like this pandemic as well.
    Oh and you mentioned my Dutch Irises: they are a bulb. Easiest Iris to grow.


  5. Oh, I’m so glad they canceld the scope before you’d started the prep. Colonoscopy prep sucks. Then again, I haven’t followed your blog much so don’t know what’s going on, but I really hope that whatever’s going on with your colon can wait this long to be checked out.


    1. It’s just the routine colon exam that you’re supposed to have at 50 and I’ve managed to put off until I’m 64. Nothing serious (yet); just that my doctor and my insurance company want to know why I haven’t done it yet. Personally I’m not concerned about what might be happening down there.

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  6. I can’t find toilet paper!!!! I complained about the oversized rolls when they started coming out but now I’m glad we had 12 of them when the shortage started happening. Hopefully that will last at least until someone restocks the shelves. We also got flushable wipes and a container of disinfectant wipes is on the front porch for people to use before they come in. Craziness.


    1. Mary would go to Target and either paper towels or toilet paper would be on sale in the jumbo packs (24 rolls of TP, 18 rolls of paper towels), so she’d buy one or two. We have about a year’s worth of toilet paper on hand, so we were set.

      I gave some thought to buying a bidet seat, then I got a look at the prices: the cheapest was about $300. I figured I could buy a lot of toilet paper for that much money…

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  7. We don’t go out that often so staying at home is not a problem for us. The grocery store situation is frustrating and I guess we’ll have to go on a quest for TP. We have some but it would be nice to a backup supply. I am glad you mentioned Target. We’ll give them a try. Stay safe!


  8. I have been washing my hands singing the birthday songs twice for a few years now. When my mom went to long term care, I smartened up and washed my hands that long. Now, before I washed my hands but only one birthday song. My hubby and I don’t go out much either but my work has locked the doors but we are open. Thankfully, I can help clients all through the phone. We are a small satellite office so we practice “social distancing” and we have Lysol wipes. The biggest irritation are the grocery stores because people are morons and have bought up all the top, bread etc… I was surprised by the flour being gone because I don’t think of people baking because many don’t know how to cook an egg. Anyway, stay safe, enjoy music and be logical.


    1. Another good one to wash your hands to is the “Jeopardy!” “think” song…

      We’re having a hard time trying to find meat. Not that we don’t have enough on hand anyway (things like ground beef and chicken breasts), but Mary wanted to make her pulled pork and needs a pork shoulder to make it, and there’s none to be found. Around here in an emergency, bread, milk, and toilet paper are the first things to go, although I can’t believe that all the toilet paper has been bought up. Target seems to always have a sale on paper towels and/or toilet paper, and Mary always buys whichever one is on sale when she goes. She’s her father’s daughter that way: he always bought stuff like TP, soap, aluminum foil, and dishwashing liquid in bulk when it was on sale and stored it in the basement. We were set when this whole thing started…


    1. Hang in there. It won’t last forever, just like swine flu, bird flu, SARS and ebola. So far, this hasn’t been anywhere near as deadly, and I have a feeling it won’t be when it fades away.


    1. Pretty much every business here is either shut down, working from home, or in the case of restaurants is limiting its service to carryout and delivery. The kids are home from school, though I don’t see them. It’s a bit eerie, but I don’t mind. Take care of yourself…


  9. I found exactly the same. I don’t consider myself self-isolating, but the only person I have been anywhere near this week is my wife (and with her, I kinda figure better or worse) and the only time I went out was to the supermarket. That’s not massively diofferent from the week or month before.


    1. Right. We don’t go out that often, and usually the only humans we come into contact with are each other. Mary goes out to the store a couple times a week, and in better times we’d go out for coffee and sit for an afternoon, but that was about the extent of it. Our churches are streaming Mass over the Internet, which I think is an excellent idea, and corporations are holding their annual meetings online. We’ll survive…

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