A Welcome Change? #socs

I wonder how many people will find this unscheduled time off due to Covid-19 will see it as a welcome interruption of their daily grind?

Maybe people who are accustomed to commuting to an office and spending hours there before commuting home will discover that they work better from home. Or maybe they’ll discover that they miss the commute, the getting dressed for work, the being away from home for 10-12 hours a day. Maybe they’ll discover after a couple of weeks of teaching their children at home gets them thinking that they would do a better job of educating their kids, or maybe they would be counting the hours and the days before they can hand their children off to the local school system.

What do you think? Welcome respite, or pain in the ass?

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33 thoughts on “A Welcome Change? #socs

    1. If it means saving lives, it will have been worth it. I hope for everyone’s sake that it’s not a long hiatus, because I think too much time in the house with the same people can lead to frayed nerves and short tempers. I don’t want to replace deaths from Covid-19 with homicides…


  1. Some stores are limiting to stop these dumb ass hoarders. It is price gouging and illegal at least in the state I’m living in. One guy here went through every town and bought up 18,000 bottles of sanitizer and was selling it on Amazon between $8 and $70 a bottle. Ebay and Amazon shut him down…he finally had no where to dump it so after he got ripped by name he donated all of them to a Church.

    Our Owner is the one who hates people working from home…I’m the IT Director and told him…welcome to the 21st century. I get more work done from home in 3 hours than I do a complete day at work because I’m not bothered.

    We are going to have to work from home. Our mayor just said non essential people work from home tomorrow and don’t get out unless it’s for supplies for the next 14 days.


    1. With so many lines of communication (email, phone (voice and text), Skype, Google Hangouts, Facetime etc. etc.) it doesn’t really matter if you’re in the next room or the next state or halfway around the world. I had a manager that wanted me in the office all the time. Not that I had to be there but it was a control thing with him.

      I wonder why, when people started showing up at the registers with carts full of hand sanitizer and toilet paper, Walmart, Costco and other places didn’t intervene right away. I mean, if you see someone with 100 rolls of toilet paper or a case of hand sanitizer, you know there’s something up. We buy the megapacks of toilet paper when they’re on sale and that can last us several months. Even big families don’t use that much toilet paper…

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      1. It is a control thing but I’m going to stay at home tomorrow. All I do is stay in my office anyway…I remote in any computer I need. It’s getting really slow so I don’t think it will be a problem.

        Some Krogers down here are starting to limit people. I’ve talked to people in the UK and they are doing it. Today I went to a small shop and got a pack of 150 napkins…we have enough of toilet paper right now…but I couldn’t resist it.

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  2. I work from home when something happens being in IT I’m ready. Our owner doesn’t like it normally because he wants people at the office but now…he has no choice. With me he doesn’t mind as much because I’ve helped him a million times on a weekend. I will LOVE it….

    On a side note…Went to the store tonight…all the toilet paper shelves were empty. I asked the lady behind the counter when the tp will be in again. She looked around and pulled one out from under the counter. I actually purchased a pack of 4! I told my son Bailey beside me…Bailey this is an angel… these times are different to say the least.


    1. I’m surprised stores aren’t limiting how much you can buy. I see pictures of some of these (pardon my French) assholes wheeling these carts stuffed with toilet paper at Costco or Walmart and I honestly wonder why one of them hasn’t been killed or at least beaten to a pulp. Really, go out to eBay and you can get all the toilet paper you want at $5-$6 a roll. And it’s the people that are hoarding it that are selling it. Same thing with the N95 masks. I’m disappointed that eBay hasn’t stopped it. No matter what anyone says, that isn’t a free market…

      You’d think IT jobs would be the perfect ones for people working at home, but IT managers don’t want to let them. I have no idea why; maybe they think that if they let their IT people work at home they’ll be doing freelance work on “company time,” even if it was after hours or on the weekend. Before I went on disability and essentially retired, I looked all over for work-at-home IT jobs, and the ones I found either allowed you to work one day a week at home, or you worked at home when you weren’t at a client site, which was 90% of your time. They hired a new CEO at Yahoo, and the first thing she did was to tell people they had to come into the office every day. It’s the “agile development” mentality, where everyone gathers in a conference room at 7 AM and gets assigned work based on whatever the manager thinks is important that day.


  3. Since retirement for me means no “daily grind” nothing is much different other than shortages in stores. I marvel at the apparent greed or fear that everything will be gone that causes people to buy for more than normal. Now it means some extra store runs for me to find what I want or just do without. I’ve got plenty of stuff in my house for now and it’s not due to any unusual hoarding activity, but just normal monthly buying.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out


    1. Speaking of greed, go out to eBay and look at the prices for toilet paper. These are the clowns that emptied out every Walmart, Target, Sam’s Club and Costco in the country…


  4. No real change for us just not going to the store for fresh stuff hardly at all…
    BTW, do you recognize that actor in Puss and Boots? He is somebody now… or may be somebody dead… anyone?


  5. If I was still working at the office, it would be a welcome change and I would not want to go back to work. Since I’ve retired, it’s not much of a change except that not going to church activities is strange. Maybe I’ll lose weight since I’m not going to the church pot luck dinners every Wednesday night and cooking at home more. There’s always a silver lining.


  6. Yep, both. I am trying to keep a positive attitude about the financial aspect of things but since I was already working from home, it really isn’t that much different for me.


        1. We’re going to try and hold on as long as possible before invading ours, to 70 if possible. Once you start drawing, you have to take out 7% a year (that’s what I remember, maybe it’s changed) or you end up paying taxes and penalties on the amount you should have taken out but didn’t. It’s a pain…

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  7. As I’m still working from our small office, my only pain is not finding things in the grocery store that are normally well stocked, or missing my Saturday morning visits to a local coffee shop. And that’s not even a pain, all things considered. I am lucky to still be working and have my health.


  8. I have felt both and sometimes within hours of each other in the same day. I can’t imagine having kids to homeschool while this is going on. During meetings, I’ve heard the littles under foot. While I enjoyed those days with our two, I had a different stress of multitasking. Which is easier? Who’s to say. Patience and grace will get us through to a new normal. At least that’s my hope.


    1. I have a much greater appreciation for farmers, truckers (both long distance and local delivery drivers), people who work in distribution centers and grocery stores, in addition to first responders, doctors and nurses (and technicians). And I hope we don’t forget the enhanced hygiene and sanitation practices when things get back to more-or-less normal. Washing your hands, covering your nose and mouth when you sneeze or cough, disinfecting flat surfaces and handheld items, and staying home when you’re sick are things we should have been doing anyway. And maybe employers won’t work their employees to death…

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  9. Back in 2012, the company I worked for was moving to a “work from home” model. We’d come to the office once or twice a week, and work from home the rest of the time. Then Superstorm Sandy hit, and I worked from home for five weeks without seeing my office or colleagues. I start a new job on Monday, with a company that has not embraced work from home but now must do so. Should be interesting.


  10. i think people, once they relax into it, will find ways to fill their time like they haven’t in many years. it will make people rethink what is important to them, and how they choose to spend their time and money in the future. the challenge at the moment is that people are afraid, not knowing how long it will last or what is coming, but those are the times when the real self-reflection answers emerge.

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