Song of the Day: The Beatles, "Savoy Truffle"

I didn’t play the fourth side (i.e. the B side of the second record) of The Beatles’ eponymous ninth album, better known as "the white album," as often as the other three sides, mostly because "Revolution 9," John and Yoko’s experiment in sound, was on it and I was never really in the mood to listen to it. Which meant I never heard the other songs on the side very often, either, with the possible exception of "Good Night," which WDAI (94.7 FM in Chicago) used on Sunday night, when the station would leave the air.

Anyway, we haven’t done a hidden gem by George yet, and this is one of my favorite songs on the album. George wrote this for Eric Clapton, who apparently has a sweet tooth. Using the list of flavors on a box of Mackintosh’s Good News chocolates, George warns his friend that if he keeps eating so much chocolate, he’ll have to have all his teeth pulled out. George, Paul and Ringo play on this, along with an unidentified tambourine player (John, maybe?), Chris Thomas on electric piano and organ and a six saxophone horn section, with Art Ellefson, Danny Moss, and Derek Collins on tenor sax and Ronnie Ross, Harry Klein, and Bernard George on baritone sax.

8 thoughts on “Song of the Day: The Beatles, "Savoy Truffle"

  1. I love the horns on this song. They are thick and huge. When I first heard it I must admit I thought George sounded a bit stiff fingered on the solo… now after hearing it for years…it fits great…shows you how much I know.


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