Share Your World for March 23, 2020

Time once again for Share Your World! Melanie has the rules over at her place, in case you’d like to play along. Here are this week’s questions and my answers.

On A Scale Of 1-10, How Strict Were Your Parents? I’d say an 8 and leave it at that.

What Wastes The Most Time In Your Day To Day Life? My short attention span. I’ll be doing something, then go off on a totally unrelated tangent and not get back to what I was doing, because by the time I remember what I was doing originally I might have made several jumps to something else.

Do They Bury People With Their Braces On? Melanie made it clear that the braces she was talking about are the kind to straighten your teeth, not the kind a gentleman wears to keep his trousers up, which we here in the US call "suspenders," except in the UK suspenders are garters that women wear to keep their stockings up, as in a garter belt. Now, having gotten totally off the subject (see what I mean?)… I would suppose that would depend on whether they were paid for or not, though I can’t see an orthodontist wanting braces that have been on someone’s mouth back. On the other hand, I think it would be rather ghoulish of an orthodontist to demand full payment on braces for a dead person, but that wasn’t the question, was it? I’m going to say "yes," because what good would it do to take them off? Oh, you can’t get to heaven, with crooked teeth… never mind (remember that song from Boy/Girl Scout camp?). Maybe they have a special place where people with braces get buried, like Brace Hill ("they died with their braces on…").

Why Does A Round Pizza Come In A Square Box? Keep in mind, first of all, that Little Caesar’s (pizza! pizza!) used to make square pizzas, but they didn’t put them in boxes, they put them in a bag. Also, many frozen pizzas now come square, and Sicilian pizza is made in a baking pan, so they’re kind of oblong… where was I? Oh yeah… It’d be really difficult as well as cost inefficient to come up with round boxes. Domino’s delivers in a square box, but the inside of the box has fold-up flaps so it’s more octagonal than square, which is a little more round, anyway.

And now a word from Little Caesar’s.

Gratitude goes to the US Census Bureau, who last Friday sent me the code I needed to do the census online, and today sent me a followup letter reminding me to do the census. I don’t have the heart to tell them that I did it when I got it the first time, because I had nothing else to do because I’m more or less stuck in the house while the coronavirus runs rampant through the streets. At least that’s the impression that I get from news reports…

See you in the funny papers!

18 thoughts on “Share Your World for March 23, 2020

  1. I never thought of. Round pizza box..that would be weird. Why wouldn’t a person have their braces on..I won’t go in their mouth and take it out:). I’m grateful that I have no children right now. I spoke to a client yesterday who has 3 kids-9, 6, 2…yikes! The biggest waste of time…dusting.


    1. I think round boxes would be prohibitive in cost and hard to store. Stores that sell hats (particularly women’s hats) have round boxes, but then hats are expensive enough to justify the cost.

      9, 6, and 2 is pretty well spread out. Mom had the three of us within three years and Jim and Kip are “Irish twins,” i.e. born within a year of each other. You can imagine what kind of fun and games that was for her…


  2. I haven’t had Little Caesar’s Pizza in years! The bread sticks were the best!!!! As far as the short attention span….Wait, what were we talking about? Hahaha! It gets worse the older I get!


      1. We have one a few towns over. I haven’t tried it. Probably not like it used to be. When I was a kid there was this pizza place near my house that served this pizza with this sauce that I cannot explain, nor replicate. It was almost sweet but not necessarily from the tomatoes, more from some sort of seasoning in the sauce. Someday I am hoping to figure it out!!!


  3. I did the census online too. My daughter has been going to the store for us so that we don’t take any chances. I do go out twice a day to walk the dog. You had me laughing with the braces bit.


    1. I’ve been in since late last week; there really isn’t anywhere to go. Mary goes to the store, and she got a haircut last week, and she tries to get out for a walk (rain or shine), but other than that we’re home, letting the cat entertain us.

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  4. Thank you John for Sharing Your World and some unique perspectives that invoked laughter (on my part). I got my letter from the Census today, I’ll have to remember to open the damned thing and do it already. I mean, as you pointed out, what else is there to do really? I laughed at the conga line. I noted today that our local Little Cesars is in full operation (they only had the drive through or pick up option anyway… Stay safe John!


    1. Little Caesar’s doesn’t do the two-pizza thing anymore. You used to get two 14″ square pizzas in the old days, now you get one round one. I feel like I’m being cheated, but then, I don’t order from there…

      The census online is no big deal. It took me about five minutes to tell them that we live here, then they give you a .pdf that says you did it, in case they screw up and lose it.


    1. Wasn’t anything to it, really. This is the fifth time I’ve done it, and the only time I had any trouble was 2000, when they sent me a booklet that had more questions than the SAT. I filled out the first couple of pages, said “that’s it,” and sent it back with a letter, after which Max Cleland, Paul Coverdell, and Johnny Isakson got a very angry letter from me. The only one that bothered to answer was Senator Coverdell, which I received on the day he died…


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