Song of the Day: Ksenia Buzina, "All The Difference In The World"

Ksenia Buzina is one of the backup singers in the Chicago tribute band Leonid and Friends. More importantly, she’s a solo artist who uses the name Ksenona, a young woman who speaks (or at least sings in) seven languages, plays the piano, and has a tremendous voice (she appeared on the Russian version of The Voice, but didn’t place). She has brains (an MBA in international business), beauty, and is a wonderful person to boot, and it’s a shame she hasn’t become an international star already. Here she is with members of Leonid and Friends during their tour of the US in late 2019.

7 thoughts on “Song of the Day: Ksenia Buzina, "All The Difference In The World"

  1. She has a beautiful voice and you are right, why isn’t she known more? Sometimes you can have the looks and the talent but you don’t know the right people.


    1. Fans of Leonid & Friends know of her, because she’s an integral part of the band. She’s known in Russia from her appearance on “The Voice,” and she has done solo shows in the US, but… you know, I really don’t know. She’s got the talent, the looks… maybe she needs better representation.


  2. Hi John – I see what you mean … an interesting very intelligent lady and whew! speaking 7 langugages … but the group is great – I hope they can make a difference to others around the world, especially in their native Russia – cheers Hilary


    1. A guy named Dick Laing did a documentary ( where Leonid said that he wanted to use the music to bring people together. They’ve already made a difference in a lot of lives: their shows here are always well-attended and the fans are enthusiastic about the music. The whole group is impressive, excellent musicians who have spent a lot of time learning the arrangements (all of which were written by Leonid, who sat down with the records and wrote them all out).


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