Song of the Day: The Beatles, "When I'm 64"

Since today is my 64th birthday (thank you in advance for the birthday wishes), I thought this was appropriate. Written and sung by Paul McCartney (but credited to Lennon-McCartney), it appeared on 1968’s Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. But you probably already knew that…

19 thoughts on “Song of the Day: The Beatles, "When I'm 64"

  1. Happy Birthday. March is a good month, I’m sure I said that last year too. I have you beat by a year. Have some cake for me!


    1. I already have: a salted caramel Heath bar cake, and it was gooood. (If you imagine Floyd the Barber from “Andy Griffith” saying that, you’ll understand why it has 4 o’s.) Mom would have been 88 tomorrow….

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  2. Happy birthday! When I turned 64 this song was certainly on my mind. But that year is now behind me and getting farther away with each coming year.

    To think that song once sounded so quaint and funny to me and now it’s reality.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out


  3. Great memories of thinking how could we ever be that old!HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOHN. You are three years younger than me! Have a great day πŸ’œ


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