Writer's Workshop: What Quarantine?

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We’ve been stuck in the house for the better part of the last week. Mary’s managed to get out a few times to run to the store, and has found the stores out of a lot of things, but we haven’t starved yet. She had been doing a lot of bulk cooking, where, for example, she’ll make a big pot of chili or soup and pour it into freezer containers, so we have a few meals pre-made. All we have to do then is put the frozen stuff in the microwave or the Instant Pot and heat it up when we’re ready to eat.

We spend a lot of time at home, anyway, so being self-quarantined hasn’t been an issue. When we would go out, it was typically to the Starbucks about five minutes from home. She’d knit, crochet, watch videos or read, I’d spend the time writing blog posts, reading other blogs and commenting on them, or watching YouTube videos… in short, nothing that we couldn’t do at home, anyway.

I’ve had plenty to do on the blogging front, with the rapidly-approaching A to Z Challenge, as well as blog posts that I need to write for the Challenge blog. And just because I’m doing the Challenge doesn’t mean that I’m going to stop doing all the other blogging I do (including Song of the Day, Song Lyric Sunday, Share Your World, Monday’s Music Moves Me, Two for Tuesday, One-Liner Wednesday, Writer’s Workshop, The Friday 5×2, and Stream of Consciousness Saturday), so I’ll spend a lot of time on the desktop and the laptop writing blog posts.

Mary always manages to have a lot to do. My handicap means that the bulk of the housework has fallen on her shoulders, but she still has a lot of time to read, knit, crochet, check Facebook, watch videos, and shop online, all of which she does with great alacrity (that’s a great word; I think I’ll use it more frequently). Molly, our last cat, spends half the day in bed and the other half on Mary’s lap.

In short, life at Chez Holton is pretty normal, self-quarantine notwithstanding.

23 thoughts on “Writer's Workshop: What Quarantine?

  1. Your daily activity actually does not sound that different from mine. I prefer to be home with an occasional trip to the store too. It’s my kids activities that normally pull me out of the house, but with them ordered to stay home, I’ve just nestled right in. Isn’t it interesting some of the items that have cleared the shelves? I wanted Hunts Tomato Sauce for Spaghetti and there was none to be found. As long as they don’t run out of coffee and creamer I’m good! šŸ˜‰


    1. Mary gets the premade spaghetti sauce, and the store was limiting people to only two. As for coffee, if you see it, buy it. That’s one of those items that doesn’t last long, and especially with Starbucks and other coffee houses shut down or with limited hours it could spell shortages in the make-it-at-home coffee.

      Mary’s good at stocking up on stuff, so we’re covered…


  2. My day-to-day feels pretty “normal” too, but we weren’t ones to hit the bars, do lunch, or shop ’til we drop. Most restaurants offer take-out if we get a specific craving. But I do miss going to the coffee shop and sitting with a cuppa. I’m glad we can get out for walks and bike rides, etc., and it sounds like you and Mary are keeping busy and productive too.


    1. That’s what we miss the most, getting out to Starbucks. Mary gets with her knitting friends, and the separation has been a bit tough on her. We also don’t get out to linch like we did because all the restaurants are closed except for carryout and delivery. That was about the extent of our social life, as it were…


  3. Reminds me that I need to get cracking on my A-to-Z. Still no theme, still planning to wing it or come up with some thing in the next three days


  4. Things at our house are pretty much the same. Been out a number of times and things still seem pretty busy at places that are open. Took a drive 60 miles north which took us past downtown L.A. and Hollywood and traffic was still fairly heavy and homeless are still camped on freeway overpasses and along the freeway.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out


  5. Glad things are going along normal. For us too. Minor changes, but lots of yard work and garden stuff getting done. The local grocery was pretty well stocked we found today. I think people are still hording toilet paper and flour.


  6. I am not minding the stay at home process at all since I can easily amuse myself. I did take our son to work this morning and stopped by Safeway during the “senior hour” and managed to score some toilet paper. No eggs to be had though.


  7. We spend a lot of time at home, as well. We stopped our weekly outing to our sports bar a few weeks back. Once we heard about the virus we thought, why take the risk. My hubby shopped yesterday and said the shelves are pretty bare. I’m still trying to figure out our new TV set up now that we cut the cable. So, all is well on the Hoffman homefront.


    1. We would go to Starbucks two or three times a week for a change of scenery, but that stopped last week when they went drive-thru and carryout only. It was weird: we went and had gotten our coffee and were sitting there, and all of a sudden the manager comes up and tells us and the few other people there that we had go. I think they were told to shut own the seating area at 1 PM… I think they should have put a sign on the door before that. Mary probably wouldn’t have even stayed in that case…

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