Song of the Day: Nils, “When I Think Of You”

Smooth Jazz guitarist Nils has a new release coming out on April 17, Caught In The Groove. Since I’m a member of his fan club (which you can join on his website), I was able to purchase it early, which I did today (Sunday). "When I Think Of You" is the last track on the album.

8 thoughts on “Song of the Day: Nils, “When I Think Of You”

    1. Can’t win ’em all, can I? I’m a Nils fan and have most of his albums, and just got this one. He’s an excellent guitarist and songwriter, but not everyone likes smooth jazz. Such is life…


      1. My eldest Barbarian is studying Jazz (his instrument is trumpet) at what I think is junior year for you? So I am listening to a lot of jazz in the house at the moment, especially with at-home schooling.


        1. Junior year is 11th year in school, normally when the kid is 16 or 17. Is that where he is? Good he’s keeping up with it and keeping his embouchure going. Took him long enough to build it up…


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