Song of the Day: 2 of Clubs, “Walk Tall (Like A Man)”

We did "walking" songs yesterday on M⁴, and there are few that got missed (at least, I think so), so I thought I’d feature more "walking" songs the rest of the week.

2 of Clubs was a singing group out of Cincinnati that teamed Linda Parrish and Patti Valentine. They met while Patti was singing at the nightclub Guys and Dolls. They did a few records, none of which seemed to chart (except in the Chicago area, oddly enough), and were ready to come out with an album until Linda and Carl Edmonson, her husband (who was also their producer), got a divorce. "Walk Tall (Like A Man)" reached #92 on the Hot 100 in late 1966.

8 thoughts on “Song of the Day: 2 of Clubs, “Walk Tall (Like A Man)”

  1. I’m shocked to learn that “Walk Tall” was not a national hit, because it certainly was a well-known and popular hit here in Chicago. It was on the WLS Silver Dollar Survey for ten weeks, peaking at #9 on April 14, 1967.


    1. I remember. I was there… 😉 That’s how I remembered it. I’m looking at old surveys all the time, and frequently I see a song I don’t remember in a given market. I understand when a station will give a local hit some airplay (WLS was good at that; they probably had a lot to do with the national success of The Buckinghams, The Cryan Shames, The New Colony 6, etc.), but frequently I’ll see a song from a nationally-known act and think “we never heard that…” I’ll look at where it ended up on the Hot 100 and wonder how it did as well as it did without the 50 kilowatt blowtorch at 890 AM…


  2. Ughh…my post didn’t take . I thought they sounded a bit like the Beatles when they started the refrain. I never heard this song before.


    1. There are some acts that just don’t catch on everywhere. This song was popular in Chicago, I remember, though I can’t seem to find it on any surveys from WLS or WCFL. I’ll have to check again. And by the way, the original comment showed up; you can see it under this one….


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