Writer’s Workshop: These Made Me Laugh

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

I’ve been watching a lot of videos the last couple of weeks since there isn’t a whole lot going on. Some of the things are pretty funny. Here are several.

First, we have this Little Caesar’s pizza commercial.

One of my favorite old shows is The Dick Van Dyke Show, and one reason is the way Buddy (Morey Amsterdam) would insult Mel (Richard Deacon) ad how Mel would come back at Buddy, a sort of pre-Internet flame war. KJ Ricardo has made a number of videos showing some of the exchanges between them. This from the first season.

Finally, the News Be Funny channel has assembled several videos showing their favorite local news bloopers from the 2000’s.

I think it’s good to keep our spirits up during this difficult time, don’t you?

22 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop: These Made Me Laugh

    1. There are lots of them on Internet. They never fail to make me laugh. Kind of cruel laughing at someone falling off a platform or getting soaked when a car drives past them through a puddle, but even the victim in those cases seems to laugh. I also like the ones where a bird will perch itself on one of those outdoor cameras and look into the lens. You have some time off, perefct for watching bloopers…

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  1. Nice memory…the Dick Van Dyke Show. Such simple and wholesome comedy in its day.

    Keeping spirits up, especially now, is very important. I’m also keeping an amusing spirit swirling around in a wine glass, toasting anything that conjures up a smile!

    Stay well!


  2. The Dick Van Dyke Show is so classic. There are so many good episodes. The Walnut episode and the one where Laura gets her toe stuck in the bathtub.


  3. Okay the Bloopers got me. There’s just something about journalists that crack me up when they are thrown off. Maybe because they’re typically counted on for serious news info. It’s nice to see them cut loose a little!


    1. And you only get that sort of a reaction from the local folks. The network news people are so full of themselves that they pitch a fit if anything goes wrong, especially if it makes them look bad. Local folks will get a fit of the giggles in the middle of a story and sometimes can’t get over it.


  4. I had a good laugh. The poodle is well trained. Love the old man pants. I used to watch Dick Van Dyke and loved Morey and his put downs. The news bloopers always crack me up. The poor gal getting soaked and that chimp..wow…talk about ADHD…hahahaaa


    1. I like how Old Man Pants says “hey!” Poodles are incredibly intelligent, and they didn’t look all “foofy” (for lack of a better word) until the French got hold of them. I saw somewhere they were hunting dogs at one point.

      There are many more Buddy and Mel videos under that woman’s account. She was going to do all of them in one video, then realized it would be way too long.

      Likewise, News Be Funny is a great account to follow. There’s another I just found (it was a recommendation) called Funny Local News.


  5. Hi John – we all need laughs … loved the first one – my connection isn’t brilliant … I thought the poodle would eat the pizzas first! Take care … and all the best – Hilary


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