Rectangle #atozchallenge

I taught myself Inkscape just so I could draw this…

So, let’s review what we learned about shapes back when we were in grade school. The rectangle, like the one you see above, consists of two sets of parallel sides (AB || CD and AC || BD) and all the interior angles (A, B, C, and D) are 90°. AB = CD and AC = BD. If all four sides are of equal length, you have a square.

More Inkscape by me

If a figure has two sets of parallel sides but the angles are not equal to 90°, you have a parallelogram.

This was the first picture I did

And if all four sides of your parallelogram are equal, you have a rhombus.

Well, the sides were equal when I drew it…

If you have a four-sided figure where two of the sides are equal, that’s a trapezoid.

He flies through the air with the greatest of ease…

All of these figures are called quadrilaterals (from the Latin meaning "four sides") as are figures like this one:

This took forever to figure out how to draw.

There will be a test later on this material. Pray for a fire drill.

53 thoughts on “Rectangle #atozchallenge

  1. Dude, do you know how long its been since I took Algebra and FAILED MISERABLY! All that stuff was all greek to me and I just couldn’t catch on. 😦 Just sounds like another language to me. Sorry! DAM YOUR SMART! What is it you DON’T KNOW?????


  2. What a shapely post. I feel like such a square with my punny comment. I’ll have to circle back another day to think of something better to say. Gotta level the plane by stopping now.

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  3. What a fun post! Brought back wonderful memories. After shapes I was kinda of always catching up to understand next level math. Grammar school is about my speed. lol


  4. Geometric shapes are so fun! I can never remember what they are called, though. I’ve always loved the reassuring perfection of circles, triangles & squares, but all shapes are fun and thought-provoking. I wonder what our favorite shapes say about us…I’m sure that there is a quiz for that somewhere. 🙂 Thanks for the refresher!


  5. Math was NEVER my thing, and I never made above a C once we moved out of the basic four operations. I can identify the shapes well enough, but figuring out angles – well, I can probably do that, too. But once we reach algebra, and letters get added to the math, I’ll be praying for that fire drill, for real.



  6. “Pray for a fire drill?” I’ve got a lighter and I ain’t afraid to hold it up to the nearest sprinkler! 😛 Interesting walk through some admittedly difficult concepts (for me. Hello. I’m math(s) challenged!) 🙂


  7. Ha ha. we’ve been doing a lot of number puzzles this week, more algebra based but still fun. Will be interested to see what words you come up with for the tricky letters.


  8. Just a few days ago I was doing a crossword puzzle and one of the hints was “four sided figure.” I was stumped. I had to look it up. The answer was RHOMBUS. If I read your post before I did the puzzle I would have nailed it!


      1. Geometry was the only time in school I finished with an average over 100. The teacher always included a bonus question and I always got that, too.


    1. All of my words this year start with “re” followed by the letter of the day and the rest of the word., i.e. reAdy, reBate, reCtangle etc.


    1. “Help me, Rhombus, help help me, Rhombus…” I’m fond of quadrilateral, myself, and icosahedron (like a 20-sided die you use in role-playing games).


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