Song of the Day: Robert Cray, “Walk Around Time”

From his 1990 album Midnight Stroll, “Walk Around Time” was written by The Robert Cray Band’s keyboardist Jimmy Pugh, drummer Kevin Hayes, and Oscar Washington. Besides them and Robert on guitar and vocals, the track also features Richard Cousins on bass, Tim Kaihatsu on rhythm guitar, and the Memphis Horns (Wayne Jackson, trumpet & trombone and Andrew Love, saxophone).

12 thoughts on “Song of the Day: Robert Cray, “Walk Around Time”

    1. I had lost my interest in blues until he came along. I’ve seen him in concert a couple of times: he breaks a lot of strings. Guess they can’t take his bends…

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      1. I would like to see him. The eighties was not the decade of the guitar that is for sure. Some good ones came out. I also liked an artist-band called Jon Butcher Axis


        1. A lot of guitar heroes from that era were holdovers from the ’70’s, though you had the likes of Yngwie Malmsteen and the rest of the “speed guitar” crowd, with the big hair and sucked-in cheeks….

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