That’s Deep #socs

Image by Anja🤗#helpinghands#stayathome #solidarity#stays healthy🙏 from Pixabay

When I was in high school, whenever someone made an unintentionally profound remark, especially one that had nothing to do with the conversation at hand, someone else would always say “wow, that’s deep.” We’d also say it when someone belched or… well, you know….

For the bloggers out there (that would be nearly everyone reading this): Do you ever get writing a blog post and realize about halfway through that you’re really getting a little too deep into the topic? That happens to me a lot, especially during the A to Z Challenge, where we try as much as possible to keep the posts on the short side. I get writing, and writing, trying as much as I can to simplify it, while at the same time making the thing so difficult to understand that even I don’t know what I’m talking about. The way I usually fix that is to trow it all away and start with something new. Something that I hope won’t make me do that.

Off topic, but something I wanted to mention: I’ve gone back to the classic editor in WordPress. Their latest modification to the block editor, a.k.a. Gutenberg, made it less friendly and more of a pain in the ass. Besides, I discovered that I was writing as much HTML code as I was with the classic editor, so it wasn’t really saving me time, and I get a little fussy about things like centering that obviously mean very little to the people who created the block editor. Anyway, that’s all I had to say about that. Much more, and I’d be getting way too deep.

Stream of Consciousness Saturday is brought to you each week by Linda Hill and this station. Now here’s Jack Benny and Dennis Day for Texaco Sky Chief gasoline. You can trust your car to the man who wears the star!

23 thoughts on “That’s Deep #socs

  1. I went back to the Classic Editor, too. I couldn’t find it for a long time, I swear it wasn’t there, but then I got it back. May it never leave me, because posting should not be so difficult!
    I do sometimes go too deep, at least for most readers, as the longer ones get more likes but not comments. I don’t blame anyone for skipping them, but sometimes I need to write them 🙂


    1. Really… I know they’re thinking of the people that do all kinds of artsy stuff when they put it together, and there are some things I think I’d like if they worked correctly. I type a lot of HTML tags in my posts, because I”m fussy about how things look. I don’t like that I have to add another block to put a graphic between two paragraphs, and really don’t like not being able to split a text block in half if I decide to insert a graphic or a video. I’m sure these are all things that are “on the drawing board,” but I don’t have the patience to test out new features and debug them.

      Occasionally I end up writing more than a thousand words in a post. Hey, sometimes I have a lot to say, and I’m sure you run into that, too. It happens…

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  2. I’ve not given up my classic editor — I just haven’t felt like I had the patience to work out the kinks of a new system so I’m choosing not to add that stress in my life. Someone once said 500 word limit on posts is a good guideline so I know if I hit 500 words I’ve either gone down the rabbit hole or it’s too much for one post!


    1. It’s like I said in my A to Z post: sometimes I catch my britches in my own pitchfork, and pretty soon I’m talking in circles. That’s when I say “wait a minute” and start over. A lot of times I want to leave a comment but the same thing happens…

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  3. IN my earlier blogging days I’d often get overly wordy and deep into a topic ending up with a long post. Not so much anymore. Now I might be too pithy but that’s probably a blessing to those who want to get past my post quickly.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out


  4. I get along with the block editor most of the time. It is constantly changing and has a lot of cool features. I’ve noticed placement of images is not functioning properly. What I see in my draft is not what I see in the finished product. I’ve learned to adjust accordingly.

    I audit my blogs frequently and I also change themes frequently. I was fixing broken links in my older posts and noticed some of the images were huge! When I tried to fix, whether I kept the classic editor or switched to the blog editor, they errored out. I had to put many of my older posts back to draft. So, I copied my poems and pasted them into Word and reusing them elsewhere. Yep, I realize this comment is “getting deep”. 🤨 Back in the day, we used “profound” like it was only word in the dictionary.


    1. I have to code the width into my pictures, or I end up with the same problem. There have been times when I’ve had to edit the image in GIMP to get the size under control…

      The “cool features” don’t do me a lot of good, unfortunately, and make a bigger mess than they solve. Maybe I’m fussy about how my blog looks, but I think that’s my prerogative…


  5. Ahh yes, that old saying and so many slang wordings tell a person what decade they were living in when they were young. I have gone off the rails a bit but we all do that. Love that old ad and that poor gal wearing that plastic outfit:)


    1. The strange thing about that ad is that they’re advertising their “Sky Chief” gasoline, but the girl is dressed to advertise “Fire Chief.” (Sky Chief was their premium gas, Fire Chief was their regular. I thought they had a third, but I was mistaken…)


  6. I never liked the block editor! Classic works for me whether I’m in a browser or on the app. And yes I too have dumped posts for going way down rabbit holes. Many times, lol.

    I mentioned you in my SOCS 🙂


    1. Thanks for the shoutout! I gave the block editor a fair chance to impress me and it didn’t, so I’m sticking with the classic editor until they tell me I can’t use it. Maybe by then I’ll have taken the blog to a private server…

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  7. I look at the WP web site mostly on my laptop, through my Firefox browser. Firefox has its own Reader, which does actually “read” – it speaks the words to me. That makes life easier for me, given my eyesight. Quicker, anyway. Anyway, when I open a post to read it, Firefox helpfully estimates how long, in minutes, that post will take to read. I opened one once which said 25 minutes! I wonder, even with perfect vision, could any of us stay tuned that long?


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