Song of the Day: Junior Wells and Buddy Guy, “Help Me”


Harp player Junior Wells and guitarist Buddy Guy first worked together on Junior’s 1965 album Hoodoo Man Blues and they played together on and off until Junior’s death in 1998. In the mid-’70’s they played regularly in a band that also included Buddy’s brother Phil on guitar and A. C. Reed (Jimmy Reed’s brother) on saxophone. Some friends of mine and I went see them at a club named Ratso’s and spent way too much money, and never regretted a penny of it. Here Junior pays tribute to one of his teachers, Sonny Boy Williamson II (aka Alex “Rice” Miller). During this period, Buddy took a break from his Stratocaster and was playing a Guild 335 lookalike.

5 thoughts on “Song of the Day: Junior Wells and Buddy Guy, “Help Me”

    1. He’s really the last of the old-timers, the guys that moved north after World War II. Bless him, he’s pushing 90 and still playing. Thanks for stopping by!


    1. They were excellent. Junior had a bit of a drinking problem and would start rambling on about something, and Buddy would have his guitar off playing some amazing stuff. The night I talked about was the night I ran into Buddy Guy in the restroom. Evidently we both had the same idea: take a pause for the cause while Junior was rambling…


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