Writer’s Workshop:Coffee and Cigarettes

Image by Elias Shariff Falla Mardini from Pixabay

I was going to choose the prompt about Covid-19, then opted for something fresh, because I needed a break from the whole subject.

I love the smell of fresh coffee, both as it’s ground and as it’s brewed. One of the reasons I enjoy going to Starbucks is that smell of freshly-ground and freshly-brewing coffee that always seems to hang in the air there. Before that, I used to like to go to A&P and buy their Eight O’Clock Coffee, which you could grind right there in the store however you needed it. The grinder had a dial where you could choose the kind of coffeepot you had, whether a percolator you put on the stove, an electric percolator, a drip coffeemaker like the Mr. Coffee, or anything in between.

Image by sipa from Pixabay

Another fresh smell that I like is tobacco. Yes, I used to smoke, cigarettes, cigars, and a pipe. I don’t smoke anymore, but I used to get a little rush when I’d open a fresh pack of cigarettes, unwrap a cigar, or fill my pipe with tobacco from a new package. I don’t smoke anymore, of course, but sometimes I miss the smell of the tobacco.

Image by Ryan McGuire from Pixabay

I learned a long time ago that laundry detergent makers add a scent to their products called “fresh.” It’s supposed to duplicate the smell of hanging your laundry out on a clothesline. I like the smells of doing the laundry: the detergent, fabric softener, bleach, the smell of the laundry room when clothes are being washed, the smell of the dryer sheets, of the spray starch and iron as it’s being used. To me, all of those smells are fresh. I remember my mom used to iron something every day. Even with clothes that didn’t need to be ironed. I think she just liked doing it.

Some of my noise generators include the sound of the laundry being done. If they could figure out how to make the room smell like a laundry, I’d sleep to that every night.

20 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop:Coffee and Cigarettes

  1. Nice to have a fresh break from the pandemic!
    I’m glad you no longer smoke, but I understand the appeal of the smell of tobacco. And how I would love to go sit at my favorite coffee shop right now!


  2. Your response to this was a nice break from the pandemic pandemonium, John.

    My late father was a pipe smoker and the smell of the Heine’s tobacco he used was always pleasant. The aroma of coffee when the can is first opened and while it brews…definitely nice! There’s also something about grinding a certain blend of peppercorns when cooking, I enjoy the smoky, earthy aromas.

    As always, stay safe, stay healthy!


    1. I figured we’re Covid-19’d out by now.

      All the senses are great for bringing back memories. Smell is the one people tend to forget, and it often holds the greatest potential for memories. stay inside!

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  3. My mom hung all our laundry out on clothesline and I used to love to hold it to my nose and breath the scent of fresh air and sun dried laundry.


  4. One of my favorite smells was burning leaves in the fall. You can’t do that anymore, but in the old days people would rake their leaves onto the street and burn them. It was a true sign that fall had arrived. Maybe they still do this in some parts of the country, I don’t know. Happy Easter to you and Mary, John.


  5. Coffee, yes, definitely. Cigarettes not so much even though for a while I was a smoker. Hubby worked in a chocolate factory (I think I’ve mentioned) and he used to come home smelling SO good.


    1. At Ghirardelli? I can imagine working around chocolate would leave one smelling nice.

      By the way, I’m going to use your blog as “an example of a blog with 2020 vision” this Saturday. Congratulations!

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  6. Mmmm the smell of coffee makes me so happy. I love walking into a coffee shop! Tobacco doesn’t do it for me, but definitely fresh laundry. My sister used to sprinkle laundry detergent all over her carpets when we were growing up. My Mom finally put an end to it when she thought it was a little over the top and probably a health risk. lol


    1. I can’t see where laundry detergent would be that dangerous, although I can see where it might damage the carpet. There are those rug cleaners (probably more like fresheners) that you sprinkle on the carpet, let them sit for a while, then vacuum them up, but I don’t think that’s the same as laundry detergent.


  7. I rarely drink coffee but I love the smell of coffee more than the taste. I am not for cigarette smoke at all because of my mom smoking but I love the smell of the pipe. No, I never smoked but my hubby did and coffee and cigarettes always seems to go hand in hand. He quit many years ago and is now allergic to it. He still needs his coffee though


    1. Secondhand smoke doesn’t bother me; I credit that to my mother, who smoked very heavily. I’m not sure if people actually like coffee or if they’re just used to it…


  8. I love the smell of fresh coffee, as well and I remember A&P and their Eight O’Clock Coffee, which I enjoyed. When I smoked I used to enjoy the smell of a freshly lit cigarette, but I quit over 15 years ago. Now the smell seems stifling. It’s fascinating how some smells bring fond memories.


    1. Funny thing: I don’t miss smoking, but I miss the whole ritual of buying cigarettes and lighting them with my Zippo, and I miss the ads (as you might expect). As well, even though you can still get Eight O’Clock Coffee, I miss the A&P ads for it. I think I just miss the A&P…

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  9. I love those smells too, especially that of fresh grounded coffee. I also like the smell when someone’s cooking in the house, when you enter and you smell the herbs and so on. 🙂


    1. That’s another nice smell. My brother had a condo at one time, and they had a party in the common room. I remember walking past one apartment and smelling roast beef, one of the truly great smells (along with pork roast and leg o’ lamb). That’s the only thing I remember about that day, but it’s stuck with me for almost 40 years.

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