Rejoinder #atozchallenge

A rejoinder is "a reply or response to a question or remark, especially a witty one," according to The Free Dictionary. For my money, some of the best rejoinders were the ones Buddy Sorrell (Morey Amsterdam) would throw at Mel Cooley (Richard Deacon) on The Dick Van Dyke Show

Occasionally, I could come up with a pretty good line, but I was nowhere near the master of the insult that Buddy was. After all, Buddy was a little over the top and abusive. Most of mine are pretty tame, like this one:

Once, I was sitting in a bookstore waiting for Mary, and a woman came in and asked the owner, "What’s a good gift for a twelve-year-old boy?"

Before the owner could answer, I said "a twelve-year-old girl."

Well, I got a laugh out of it…

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  1. My mom and I always watched this show. Mom liked it when they danced & sang the most, all in all great show. Thanks for sharing my friend and HAPPY EASTER. Stay healthy. Stay Safe. STAY HOME! hugs


    1. There was some incredible talent on that show, wasn’t there? Dick Van Dyke and Mary Tyler Moore worked very well together and she was one of the most glamorous and attractive women to ever grace the small screen. Morey Amsterdam was an old Borscht Belt comedian, Rose Marie had been a star for years (she started as Baby Rosemarie back in the ’30’s), Carl Reiner is still going, Richard Deacon was hilarious as the put-upon brother-in-law, Jerry Paris was a talented actor and an even better director, and Anna Morgan Guilbert was a funny lady whose last role was as Yetta on “The Nanny.” It was funny without being off-color, something you NEVER find these days…


    1. That was the funny part, when Mel would have a comeback. Those are just the ones from the first season: the same user has the other seasons out there, if you need more laughs.

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