The Easter 2020 Week That Was

Here are Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck for new and improved Tang instant breakfast drink. It’s Tang-a-rrific!

The big selling point of Tang, you might remember, was that the astronauts drank it in space.

Happy Easter, everyone! My guess is that everyone is stuck in the house today. I haven’t quite gone stir-crazy yet, but I hope I can get in the car with Mary this week, just for a change of scenery. We’re now well into the A to Z Challenge, and I’ve seen some pretty amazing blogs and interesting themes. I’ll be getting around more this week. Anyway, time for the summary for the week…

For Freebie day, I chose songs that have “pink” in the title.

Questions included why we’re so afraid to make mistakes, how we know pleasure is good and pain is bad, what TV and movie tropes we learned later were false, whether we break traffic laws when no one’s looking, and how we’e filling our time now that we’re stuck in the house.

The encore presentation for this week was from 2016, when Laura Nyro was the featured artist.

My one-liner ws a slice of life during a quarantine period, when two people can be in the same room working on totally different things.

I talked about some of the smells I find pleasant, including coffee (both brewing and being ground), tobacco (unburned), and a laundromat.

We visited WNOW in York, Pennsylvania and looked at their Top 10 from 1961.

This week’s prompt was “joint,” so I talked about joints that weren’t made from cannabis.

I’ll be doing the post on the A To Z Challenge blog tomorrow, so look for that at midnight UTC on Monday. The topic for M4 tomorrow is songs about fools, in my case songs with “fool” in the title. The rest of the week depends on what I get for prmpts from Melanie, Linda, and Kat, and what I find when searching through surveys and look on Instagram. Oh, and this week’s A to Z Challenge letters are K through P. Busy week ahead!

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And that wraps the Easter 2020 edition of The Week That Was. See you in the funny papers!

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  1. Wow – that’s quite the recap! I missed a lot of what you’ve been up to, sorry to say. 😦 Happy Easter to you and Mary, I hope you’re well and safe and that you do get to take a ride to see some new scenery this week. Take care!!


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